Day 3, really day 4 because it’s 1:45 am Monday

15 Apr

Forgot to blog on Day 3 and woke up during the night remembering things that I need to pack for trip to La Veta that I haven’t done yet.
Day 3, we both are really tired. Denny had things to do with the rv, mowing lawn and other miscellaneous duties. I did a little more packing of items and then called it good for now. Picked up the house and tried to make it look a little less cluttered.
We made a quick trip to Topeka to pick up VW from service station and take it to Billie’s to park for a couple of days. They will then take it to the train station on Wednesday so it will be there when I arrive on Thursday morning at 5:20 am. I was a little nervous when Billie said she was going to drive it, but she said she knew how to. Then she called me later to inform me that she drove it down the block so they could move their cars so it wouldn’t be in the way. She had to call Justin to come and get it in reverse when she was trying to turn it around. When she got to her driveway which is on the steep side, she had to call him to come out and help her get it up the driveway. I’m hoping that is her last attempt at driving it. : )
After we got home, we settled in to watch the rest of the Masters. What an exciting tournament. Happy that Adam won and disappointed that Jason lost. Golf can make one crazy.
I tried to make my hotpads this evening but ended up having issues with too many layers, so gave up on notion of taking those with me and just sat and watched tv. Glad Mad Men is back on.
Think I go back to sleep now. We hope to leave about 8 or so in the morning. Checked the weather and we could face some strong winds but may actually be there before it gets too bad. Nothing like traveling in motorhome rockin’ and rollin’ with side winds. Also going into much colder weather and possibly snow on Wednesday in La Veta. I’ll have to get used to cooler spring weather again and possible snows in May. It’s all good.


One Response to “Day 3, really day 4 because it’s 1:45 am Monday”

  1. Sandy 04/15/2013 at 8:23 am #

    you guys drive safe — looking forward to having you back in LV!

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