Day 2 of our new adventure

13 Apr

I’m totally impressed with how much we have accomplished in 2 1/2 days. I think having a deadline of Sunday helped a lot. Billie came out this morning and helped Denny move the furniture and boxes out to the garage. As of now, the living room, sun room, and den are virtually all packed up. Denny has readied the rv so it is ready to roll on Monday morning. Goal for today is to clean up and get a little organized and do some quilting. I have some hot pads to do so I can take them to La Veta with me.
Weather is sunny and fairly warm which is nice. Made my train reservation for Wednesday evening. Only 67.50 which is a lot cheaper than driving home would cost me. Have the VW all fixed up, it needed a new radiator, the air conditioner charged up, an oil change and the tires aligned. Now I’m envisioning how I will stage the house.
Other things I am envisioning are things at the rv park. I’m trying to dream where my studio will be. I’m trying to dream where my little shop will be. I am really excited about that as I’ve always wanted to have a little shop. At one rv park we stayed at, the check in lady had her sewing machine set up right behind the counter and she could sew while she worked. I like that concept. Also dreaming about making little pies to sell. Also thinking it would be fun to maybe have a little book club at the site. I’m sure there are a lot of readers. Maybe even a little exercise class.
Enjoying the Masters but I wish there weren’t any controversies. Felt bad about the penalty toward the 14 yr old Huan but very glad he still made the cut. The Tiger issue is a strange one. I still think there should have been a disqualification but the ruling was made with the penalties. I have been very happy for him this year and wouldn’t like this to be a topic for the rest of the golf season.
Time to get back to work. No racing hearts today.


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