“Calm the hell down!!” Day 1 of our new adventure

12 Apr

I’m beginning daily journaling of this monumental shift in our life. As you can see, it’s at the really unorganized stage, but it will be better as we move things to the garage. Thankfully I talked to sister Judy last night and realized that I don’t have to look in the boxes that we moved from La Veta and haven’t even looked at them since. We will just move them along. I think they are those things that you just can’t really part with. It’s crazy how much I question what to keep or toss. Rubber bands, paper clips, pens, nails, posty notes, etc. Really????? I’ll never be able to buy fresh rubber bands?? Doesn’t matter, they are packed in a little box.
So far I’ve handled everything pretty well. Getting boxes packed and trying to get what we can moved to the garage this weekend since I won’t have Denny around to help with that. That is going well and Billie is coming out tomorrow to help us move some furniture. A little while ago I got one of those scary racing hearts. It lasted for a few minutes. Took some deep breaths and walked around a little bit and now feel fine. That’s when I told myself to calm down. It’s all going to get done. “For havin’ sex”, (not all of you will get that), it’s not my first time at this rodeo. Denny has been doing the heavy work like taking down the big aspen bed and getting the rv ready and packed and getting his tools and saws packed. Not too much snipping at each other, just a few gnarly looks every now and then. Only one item broken so far when the bed frame came crashing down on one of my Mexican pottery pots. Luckily it was my least favorite. Meeko and Jumper are staying cool and really just laying around watching us. They will actually go to La Veta and stay there with Denny. Next on agenda is packing up the den which means books. Thankfully, we only have 1 book shelf now. Thanks to Nook!
That’s it for now. I’ve caught my breath, don’t think I’m going to have a heart attack and I can head into the den.
Please keep Juli in your prayers. She is beginning to have the side effects from chemo, sores in the mouth and general not feeling great, but…..she keeps on moving and will be with a girl friend this weekend who is coming to visit and taking her to a condo on the beach. Prayers for sister Judy who is there and helping her and her family with whatever is needed.


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