So glad we are flexible

7 Apr

We had originally planned on heading toward La Veta tomorrow. We were going to stay with Mike and Steph and look at the house at the rv park, etc. Then we began to look at the weather report. We finally made the decision to head toward the lake and go to La Veta next week. Big snowstorm heading toward Colorado. We don’t have the shoes to be traisping around in the snow, also wasn’t too crazy about driving into the storm. So…tomorrow we will head toward home with our destination to Oklahoma City tomorrow night.
I didn’t know that so many parts of my hands could hurt after a 2 day golf school. We hit over 500 balls and both Denny and I were whooped after the sessions. We both learned a lot and I so hope I can take it all to the course with me. We had 2 rounds of golf included in the golf lessons, but neither of us had the energy to play. Yesterday it was about 90 degrees and today around 85. Both of my hands ache, my index finger on my left hand is sore from my pinky finger laying on top of it during the swing, my thumbs hurt. But it was all for a good cause. I am so happy that I can really turn my body and swing more freely since my neck doesn’t hurt. Anxious to see how the golf goes this summer.
Still on track for the rv park. We should be able to get the paper work together this week. Our new plan is to head to La Veta week from Monday and take the rv there. Denny will stay and I will come back on the train to really begin packing up the house. I am getting soooo excited.
Have throughly enjoyed our AZ trip. Mary’s place is a great place to stay. Our puppies were absolute angels and Aunt Mary actually kind of likes them I think. They behaved so well and were very comfortable with mainly being on their leashes either connected to chairs in the house or outside on their stakes. But…they got many walks and at night they can be in the bedroom off leashes. Mary has many rooms with light carpeting and we didn’t want any puppy pee stains on them.
That’s it for now. Have most of the packing done, which is quite a big deal with bicycles, dog crates, 3 suitcases, a tub, 2 sets of golf clubs, and my big hand bag, plus the dogs. Hopefully I’ll be able to still squeeze in the back seat.


One Response to “So glad we are flexible”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 04/08/2013 at 10:04 am #

    Can’t wait for this summer!!! Have a safe journey back to Kansas and then back to LaVeta. We will get back home next Wednesday night so we will see you Thursday if you are still around. If not we will look up Mr.Denny and keep an eye on him for you until you get back in town. It is going to be a great summer!!!

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