Pisses me off

5 Apr

I’m sick sick sick of it.. Mariel Hemingway was on the Today show promoting her book about how you don’t have to take medications for your anxiety and depression if you just go out in the sunshine, exercise, eat right and have adventure and excitement in your life. Let me tell you no one has more adventure and excitement in her life than I do and I cannot go off of my antidepressants. Believe me I have tried. Anyway, back to Mariel Hemingway, she was spouting off about all of this and her face was so full of Botox she couldn’t move her forehead!!!!!!!!!! Debbie Reynolds was on promoting her new book the other day and her face looked like a teenagers. Liza Minelli was on this morning and she looked like a deer in the headlights with her eyes and no wrinkles. I’m sick of it. I’m embracing my wrinkles and taking my anti-depressant and going out to have a good day with my BFFFF Mary.

Still loving the Goodyear AZ weather. Have ridden my bike 4 times this week, (2 times to get my anti depressant scrip, ML) Today we are going to swap meet and try to find gluten free pizza. Interesting tidbit on Today also about Gluten free South Beach diet. The doctor said that most people have some sort of gluten intolerance. You don’t have to have Celiac to have gluten problems. I’m very allergic to wheat, barley and oats, so that is where my gluten issue comes in.

Paper work is in progress on the rv park. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get settled in. We are going to stop in La Veta on the way home. We need to look at the house again to see the lay out. Even though it is 4 bedroom, I think they are pretty small. Prayers for Tom, who we are buying the park from, has bladder cancer. He hasn’t started his treatments yet.

Okay, I’m all wound up, got to go. Mary so appreciates me in this frame of mind and she kind of wishes I would quit talking so loud!!! ML


3 Responses to “Pisses me off”

  1. Vickie Lesher Watson 04/05/2013 at 12:01 pm #

    Dad died of bladder cancer, sad. Comes from cigarette smoking. I take anti-depressants also for a few years as I do not get depressed, just stressed over things, works great! Back at the lake here, Masters week starting tomorrow, busy time!

  2. Mitzi Keairns 04/05/2013 at 5:22 pm #

    You go girl!!!! Take what ever in the heck you need to keep you the happy, fun, energetic, amazing person that we all love! Also, we other wrinkly people are fine just the way we are and so are you! At least I have a little expression on my face and I am not EVER going to inject some deadly virus into myself just to TRY and look younger. It is what it is!!!!

  3. Margie Fieger 04/05/2013 at 6:02 pm #

    1. I can’t get off my antidepressants either, and no one wants to deal with me if I do.
    2. I have no interest in spending money that I could spend on good times getting my face frozen. I’ll have wrinkles, thank you very much!
    Have a good weekend!

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