Thursday March 21, 2012

21 Mar

notecard samplessecuredownload[1]Once again our travel plans have been delayed by this crazy spring weather we are having. We were in Lawrence this morning and it was snowing fairly heavy. Since we are going to Arkansas, a lot of snow is south of us so that is why we will wait until tomorrow. It hasn’t snowed out here at the lake yet but the wind is viciously cold. I’m thinking this is the first day of spring?
Has been a busy few days. The boys were on Spring Break this week so we watched them Monday-Thursday. On Tuesday, Kyler and I drove out west of Salina to the Rolling Hills Zoo. We had heard that it was a nice zoo, so we thought we’d check it out. Their museum is really wonderful. Lots of animal displays with stories about them. A lot of the animals were inside since it was a little cold. What was cool was that a lot of the animals did move around while we watched them. The old orangatan named Clyde took this huge box and moved clear away from the window. The chimpanzees were busy. The Wallabees actually did some hopping around. The python kind of scared Kyler. Saw the Rhinos, bears, the lions were roaring which was cool. All in all in was a good visit. Cade wasn’t able to go because he was sick so Denny stayed home with him.
Finished weaving my 10 placemats for Bernie, just in time for her Easter dinner. I definitely got a little quicker at the warping and weaving. Next weavings will have some fancier weaves to them.
Denny finally received his new golf irons yesterday. Anxious to see how they work out for him. I hope he’ll really like them. I’m anxious to try my new 9 wood, I’m thinking my approach shots will work out much better.
Had dinner with the girls this week at La Rocca’s. It’s a new place where Spanky’s used to be. Not much I could have but did like the La Rocca salad.
My fundraising for Friends of Namakkal continues to increase. I’m at $230 from the sale of my cards and placemats. If any of you are interested I can make you placemats any colors you would like for $4 each and a box of notecards is $10 for a box of 8.
Had many pre cancerous spots frozen off of my face, chest and legs. I hate that freezing. They are just now getting to that gross stage which be lovely I’m sure next week.
I’ve posted a new post from Juli. She did not receive good news from the doctors today. She is now entering a rather scary part of her mighty fight with this bile duct cancer. Please read her post on her page I have called Juli at the top of this post. Huge prayers are needed. She is still so powerful with her words and prayers, I know that God is listening. Very emotional time for the family.

We still are in limbo which is getting very tiring regarding our possible life changing adventure. I’m beginning to give up hope on it and am just about ready to go to Plan B which I’m really not sure what it is.

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  1. Kathy 03/21/2013 at 7:19 pm #

    Prayers for Juli – she is an incredible woman, so strong and courageous. Blessings to her and I certainly hope they have some medical trials for her.

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