Coming out of the flu fog

9 Mar

notecard samples

Sitting here watching the KU game and it is already making me nervous. Playing Baylor in Texas so could be a nervewracking game.
I am in the recovery phase from my 48 hr bout of the flu. I actually thought I was a lot better today, but after being up for awhile, I began to feel really weak and then got a huge headache. Laid down for a few hours and now feeling somewhat better. Did manage to lose 5 lbs. Whew.
The flu hit me around 3 Thursday morning. When I was getting sick, it really upset Meeko. He would follow me in the bathroom and then cry and then he would run into the bedroom like he was trying to wake Denny up, and then he would run back to me. It was really pretty sweet. When I was done, I sat back down on the divan and closed my eyes. I knew he was on my lap, but when I opened my eyes, he was looking straight at me, like he was trying to see if I was okay. Both Meeko and Jumper were by my side the entire time I was in bed. Denny was a great nurse. I am a big baby when I am sick to my stomach and I cry and cry. I can’t stand throwing up.

We are getting much needed rain today, at least an inch so for with more on the way. It should really help the lake levels.

I have begun my fundraising for “Friends of Namakkal” by selling my notecards. $10 for a box of 8 plus shipping. The entire $10 will go to the mission. This supports the 2 children, Murugan and Gomathi, who are orphaned and the money goes directly to their care. This includes medications, school, clothing, food and other essentials. Since my trip to India and the little cinder block hut we were able to fund, they children now have running water and some electricity. Here is an excerpt from the Center for Church and Global AIDS website about the family.
Namakkal, India, and visiting with a child-headed household, due to both parents dying of HIV and AIDS. Thanks to help provided by the Center for the Church and Global AIDS, these children get some assistance through the Women and Children’s Center run by N. M. Samuel, M.D. Dr. N. M. Samuel’s Women and Children’s Center, stands on a busy street corner in Namakkal, India. Impoverished women, children and youth come for urgently needed health care. The staff introduced me to a child-headed household. Three young children had been recently orphaned because of AIDS. Now they live in a little cement-block home built for them by five United Methodist women from LaVeta, Colo.
The malnourished 15-year-old boy, Siva, works 10 hours a day cleaning eggs with formaldehyde liquid. He is trying to pay off his father’s 5,000 rupee debt, as well as earn money for food to feed the family. His 12-year-old sister, Gomathi, suffering from tuberculosis, cooks and cleans and has to leave for school by 7 every morning. Together they care for their 8-year-old HIV-positive brother, Murugan. Since it was Murugan’s birthday, we brought a cake complete with candles. As I sang “Happy Birthday,” tears streamed down my face. I was invited to offer a prayer, blessing the little home. I then flipped on the electricity, and a little small light bulb (with mosquitos perched on it) provided dim light for one corner. What joy and squeals of laughter, as I cried! I thanked God for these courageous children struggling to survive and for all those unknown loving Christians who are joining everywhere to battle HIV and AIDS, bringing hope and light to the world.

I’ve posted a copy of samples of notecards I have. Please email me at or reply to this blog and I will get the cards to you. My goal is to raise $500 which would be 50 boxes. I have already sold 6 boxes, so well on the way.
Think I’ll go lay down again. I hope tomorrow I am feeling much much better.


2 Responses to “Coming out of the flu fog”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 03/09/2013 at 6:14 pm #

    Nice talking to you J! hope that you are feeling better. I hate to be sick and try to avoid it at all costs! Just take it easy for a bit. I am glad that you have Denny and your nurse dog to look after you. I think that it is very nice what you are doing for your poor friends in India. It is wonderful the way you share your talent to help others…very generous too. I would like 2 boxes of the “flower” note cards. I will send you a check just as soon as you let me know the price of the postage. Thanks!

  2. Kathy 03/11/2013 at 10:00 am #

    Hope you are feeling better! And, what would we ever do without our puppies – glad they are taking good care of you (along with Denny)!! I would like a couple boxes of your note cards – but you don’t have to worry about mailing them. I’ll get them when we get home next month. All the best!!

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