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Blustery Day

9 Feb

elliott 3It is overcast and blustery today and the wind is to get stronger as the day goes on. There was a possiblity that Judy, Susan and Denny were going to bicycle this morning, but Denny opted out. I’m thinking Judy and Susan perservered. They are WOMAN!.
The house continues to be upside and I too seem to be upside down. I cannot get motivated and have spent a lot of time sleeping. I think I go through this when I quit Pepsi and I think that is why I start drinking it again because I turn into such a slug. I am adamant that I am not going to start drinking it again, so I’ll just have to deal with the side effects. I’m taking vitamins, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and feel worse than ever. Thankfully Denny is being patient with me and isn’t hollering or anything about me being a lazy bum. I do plan on painting the den today which should put me in his good graces again.
I did watch the kids for 2 days since they were out of school for teacher meetings. Would someone please explain to me why there are so many teacher meetings? Anyway, the boys loved me because..I would get to the house say hi, and then fall asleep for 3 hours. They were able to play their games without me hollering at them and then when I woke up, we went to the movies, to the park, out to eat. I was fun grandma instead of bossy grandma. Yesterday, I had Jumper groomed. We went to pick him up and the boys really wanted to take him to the Bark Park. Within 2 minutes, another dog came and peed on him. Yuck. Jumper is so sweet, he just let him do it. The boys also had dog poop on their shoes so apparently not everyone picks up their poop. Then he did run around. There was a group of adult mentally handicapped people there. They all wanted to pick up Jumper and snuggle him. He let them all do it and was so sweet. I think he would be a great dog to take into nursing homes and other places for people to hold him. Can’t remember what those dogs are called. Of course, I would have to make sure he hadn’t just been peed on.
Do you ever watch Shark Tank? it’s interesting the products that the people bring on to try and market. Last night someone had invented a neck pillow with a hoodie hood attached to it. Now that was a good idea.
Talked to our friend Cathy who lost her husband a few months ago and she is also battling cancer. She sounded so strong on the phone and is doing all that needs to be done. Her faith in God is so strong and her spirit is strong. I so admire people like her. My niece Juli had her first round of the powerful chemo so we are all hoping the side effects don’t get her down.
Little Miss Elliott is going to be 3 Sunday. They are having a family birthday party on Sunday and then she is having a ballerina birthday party next Saturday. The photo is of her with a new haircut. She has never been fond of hair bows and ponytails so this is the perfect style for her.
Off to do something productive or take a nap.
Also, if you are Nook or Kindle reader, try Book Bub. You can get your books at reduced prices and sometimes free. And…they are good read.

I need a bigger cup!!

4 Feb

The title of today’s post coming from the movie “Jaws” when Brody said we need a bigger boat. Moving forward to ease some health anxieties, I visited the nurse practioner today. She is great and listened to all of my idiosyncracies. She did request a urine test, which is fine. What wasn’t fine is that I went to the bathroom when I left her office and forgot to go to the lab. So….I spent an hour driving around and drinking stuff so I could go back to the lab. Once I accomplished the sample, I stepped out of the bathroom and put the cup in the basket and announced loudly, of course,”I need someone to show me how to do that!” One of the lab techs said “It tells you how to do it on the wall”, I said “I don’t mean that, I mean how do I hit the cup!”. They cracked up and thankfully one of the ladies behind the desk said “I hear ya’,”, so I didn’t have to sound like a complete idiot. I am going to invent a bigger sterile cup, like the size of a mayonaise jar, and sell them to the labs for people like me.
Another thing she suggested is that I take Melatonin at night to help me sleep. I can go to bed okay, but I get squirmy and end up wandering around and sleeping on the divan every night. Hope it works since we don’t have the most comfortable divan for sleeping. I end up all curled up funny.
I do believe the foot splint is working on my left foot. My feet haven’t really been an issue in the last couple of days.
Regarding my no Pepsi, I am now on day 6 of not drinking it and also not replacing it with another pop. No weight loss as of the doctor’s scale. How come they won’t let you take your clothes off when they weigh you. I want to explain that my jeans are heavy, my shoes are heavy, my sweatshirt is heavy when the weight comes up.
Regarding my swearing. I think I have only said the “F” word twice in a week. One was for medicinal reasons because I was talking to my friend Zada and said something about “my f”ing feet”. It’s a new week and I’ll keep trying.
Was thinking today how lucky we are and the friends we have. In the time we were gone on vacation, we hung out with friends in Naco, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and La Veta, CO. Today, I stopped in Eskridge and ended up yakking it up with Jan at the library, Jody and Deb at the cafe, Hazel at the post office, and Erin at the Rush Inn. Another person I have been in contact with is a long lost friend from the 70’s Her name is Vicki and we hung out for a couple of years when I lived in Georgia. She was married to my husband’s cousin. Now one might think that I am a bit on the crazy side now, but I was wayyyyy on the crazy side when I lived in Georgia and Vicki and I had a lot of good times. We are both married now to great men who spoil us rotten and I think that is really cool. Hope to actually meet up with them sometime this year.
Denny has leveled the den floor and I think the next step will be the carpet squares. Maybe get them tomorrow while we are both in Topeka for our procedures. I really hope they don’t have to cut much more skin off of Denny’s leg. I am having a crown and it is one of those kind that they put the whole thing in a couple of hours.
2 of Billies kids were able to go to school today, but she is home today with Cade who has pneumonia. Yikes. They started him on the Zpack today and he can go to school on Wednesday. I will be watching the boys on Thursday and Friday since they are out of school.
Enjoyed the Super Bowl and I was for the Ravens. I really didn’t make a decision until I watched a show on ESPN on OJ Brigance. He is a former Raven’s player with ALS. He still works for the Ravens and the only way he can communicate is by blinking his eyes at a computer and then the computer talks for him. Pretty inspirational. That’s it for now. Hope to take puppies for a walk since it is so nice out. Lake is over 15″ down.

Lake Wabaunsee

2 Feb

We arrived home yesterday afternoon by way of La Veta. We had a great time in La Veta and it is alway such a welcoming place for us. Saw many friends and took care of some building business. Stayed with Don and Mitzi which is always nice. Finally, we were able to have dinner at Aly’s. Some of you who visted us when we lived in La Veta ate with us at Aly’s in Walsenburg. Now she has a place in La Veta and it is still just as yummy.
Now we are home and it feels good but after such a whirlwind 5 weeks, I am trying to decide what I am supposed to do. It was weird unpacking my shorts and sundresses and sandals which I’m sure won’t be worn again anytime soon. Meeko and Jumper were thrilled to see us and they received lots of petting and scratching. Meeko isn’t trusting us quite yet. He keeps staring at me and wondering if we are leaving anytime soon again. It will probably take a few days before he trusts me again.
The only thing we can’t do right now is see Billie’s family. The kids have all come down with Type B flu and strep throat. Billie was home all week with them. It’s the most school the boys have ever missed. Hopefully they’ll be healed up next week.
Day 5 Pepsi free. No struggles about it. We are still doing are 1 lb of veggies and 1 lb of fruit. Loaded up at the grocery store today. Stomach is loving it.
Looking forward to several hours of catching up on my recorded shows. New show I am in love with: “The Following”.