Don’t think ARGO should have won Oscar

27 Feb

We just finished watching ARGO. It was okay, but I didn’t think it was Oscar worthy. I get tired of movies that use a lot of music that was popular during the time of the movie. For instance, Argo used a lot of early 80’s and kept playing different bands, like Van Halen, Rolling Stones, etc. Like we need all that music to tell us what decade the movie is in. I did read an article by the real Canadian ambassador, and their was a lot of embellishing for the movie. During all the hype of the movie pre Oscars, Ben Affleck didn’t even talk about the Canadian ambassador. Speaking of movies. While the kids were here on Tuesday, I rented a movie for them. it was called Fun City. It starred the girl from Victoria Victorius, or something like that on the Disney channel. So, I’m thinking it’s for kids. I didn’t realize it was PG 13. It had several swear words, sexual context and…one of the scenes had a teenage girl talking about using “Nair on her ass”. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe the boys didn’t quite understand all that was going on, but lesson learned to pay more attention to content. They did watch the whole movie and enjoyed it.
Still trying to figure out all of the doodads on our updated Dish. Still can’t figure out the Hopper which is supposed to delete the commercials on the prime time shows. May have to make a phone call.
We still have several inches of snow. It was melting, but now it is a little colder. Took the dogs out for a brisk walk in the blustery wind. Love my Galway Bay outfit for my cold weather walking. It is the best pants and jacket I have ever had for inclement weather. It’s actually made for golfing, but I use it for anything outside when it’s cold. Also have ridden my exercise bike everyday so maybe I will start losing a few pounds for heaven’s sakes, (or for havin’ sex for those of you who know that story).
Going to have a couple of busy evenings. Tomorrow we’ll see Cinda and Lawrence for dinner in Manhattan. Then on Friday night, we’re going with Chuck and Cindy to get a fitting for golf clubs. I’m only going to maybe buy 2 clubs. We’ll go to Kansas City to do that and then have dinner. I guess I’ll have to get out of my pj’s after several days of being in them. We hope to maybe dig the VW out of the snow this week.
Have started another quilt project. This is from a pattern I bought and it has lots of little pieces and some new techiques for me to do. So far I have figured the directions out. May finish it tomorrow and then I need to print up some notecards. Lots of little projects going on in my head.
That’s it for now. I’m actually already feeling a little tired and it is only 9:35. I have been going to bed much earlier and have actually been sleeping in bed finally. Some of that is due to Meeko sleeping on the floor instead of on my side of the bed. With his crippled up back, he can’t jump up on the bed anymore.


One Response to “Don’t think ARGO should have won Oscar”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 02/28/2013 at 8:45 am #

    I totally agree about Argo. I thought that it was ok but certainly not great! What else have you seen? I liked Silver Lineing Playbook, thought that Daniel Day Lewis was amazing in Lincoln and had tears in my eyes during much of Les Mes (which Don hated…too much singing for him.) Hope to see Side Effects soon and I would also like to find The Impossible and Flight playing somewhere. I love movies! Some good scary stuff coming up soon. You better hurry back to Colorado! Ginny is still gone so I am all alone in my scary movie quest!

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