Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 Feb

securedownload[1]jojo whitehot pads

Photos of: My new hotpad design, bicycle inspired;Judy, JoJo White, and me; Elliott with a great hockey snowman

Busy few days. Spent Friday working on my new hotpad design which was very fun. Now I’m going to try and incorporate a table runner with the round pads on it. Hope to do that today. Also purchased a “Design Wall”. It is made like a film screen, except on the part that would be a screen is batting. It folds up like a screen so you can take it with you. You put your quilt pieces on it so you can see what your design is looking like. So far Meeko hasn’t peed on it.

Judy and I went to the KU vs TCU basketball game yesterday. It was KU Basketball’s 115th anniversary. Lots of former players were honored at halftime. There were about 200 of them. Judy bought JoJo White’s book so she was able to get photo and autograph from him and….Bud Stahlworth was also giving autographs so I got one of them. The game was a blowout and I felt very sorry for the TCU coach. Self didn’t run up the score so it wasn’t as horrifying as it could have been.

Elliott and her brothers must have spent the morning building the Hockey Snowman. Cade was in a tournament in KC yesterday. They won their first game and he was named Playmaker of the Game but they lost their 2nd game. It was a long day for the family. Now Denny and I are preparing for their potential visit if the snowstorm hits like it is predicted tonight, or in the morning, so they’ll come out here if they are out of school.

Spent several hours this morning hooking up our new printer. We already had a fairly new printer, but we had a big paper jam and it messed up the printer head. I have now replaced the big printer which we have had for at least 6 years. I bet I have printed out thousands of notecards on it so it has a special place in my heart, but it also was having some problems. Anyway, what looked like an easy plug in and go job became tedious but……I perservered and we now not only have a new printer set up but it is also set up for wireless, so we can be sitting on our butts in another room and print something out from there.

Not sure if I ‘ll watch the Academy Awards. It seems fairly predictable. I always think of the Academy Awards party I had several years ago in La Veta. It was so fun. I’ll watch my Sunday shows which are Girls, The Good Wife and Enlightment. Enlightment is so heart wrenching and Laura Dern is so wonderful in it. Girls and Enlightment are on HBO. If you have OWN Network, which is the Oprah Winfrey Network, there are a couple of fanstastic shows on it. Lisa Lings “Our America” and “The Blackboard Wars”. The Blackboard Wars is based in New Orleans and is about a school that is trying to survive with a tough new principal.

Had a couple of eagles do a flyby this morning. Not sure what part of the lake they are lurking about. There are lots of little ducks that I’m sure they are eyeing.

Almost have 5 weeks with no Pepsi. I think my body is still grieving, hopefully it will start feeling rejuvenated and happy that it’s not being polluted with Pepsi!!! My cussing continues to be less and less. Sometimes it just slips out. Denny got his stitches out on Friday and even though it still looks a little icky to me the doctor says it is healing. Meeko had to also go back to the doctor and he is going to be on a regiment of pain meds and adjustments probably from here on out. At least he isn’t crying but you can tell he has some discomfort. My feet do seem to be doing better and sleeping with the splint on must be helping.

I guess that is it for now.

One Response to “Sunday, February 24, 2013”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 02/24/2013 at 7:01 pm #

    Thinking of you tonight. Watching the Academy Awards with Don won’t be nearly as much fun as it was with you and the girls up at your house. No goodie bags or anything…Boo hoo! At least I don’t have to get all dressed up in my sparkly attire and leave glitter all over the house. I will probably watch some of it anyway. i like to see everyone all dressed up. Wish I had stock in the Spanx company!! Snowing like crazy all day long. Kind of fun day just to hang out INSIDE! Talk to you soon!

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