Snowy Thursday

21 Feb

j snow

Biggest snow that we’ve had for awhile and may get a little more tonight. I think Denny is going to try and get to town tomorrow. Our biggest issue is usually drifting, so we’ll see. He needs to get the stiches out of his leg and take Meeko in to get another adjustment. He is feeling a little better and we are giving him pain pills every couple hours. His day started out badly because we had thunder snowstorm so he was freaked out most of the morning.

Billie is at her wits end since school was cancelled today. I hope none of the kids get sick or anything else happens to her little family for awhile after this.

I spent some time on the phone this morning with techs from ATT and Dish. I was getting the creepiest emails on my IPhone that just said No Message and the date was 12/31/69. They had me delete my account and then load it again. That fixed that problem. Then I called Dish about my recordings. I had to give up 2 shows last night for a KU basketball game which was too exciting. Anyway, we are getting upgraded to the Hopper which gives me recordings of network shows without commercials. The guy will come and set us up on Monday. We hate the Hopper commercial, so I told them to relay that message to someone.

Painted a Christmas ornament for someone who broke their ornament this Christmas. Their dog was named “Snowball” and he died shortly after Christmas a couple of years ago and the kids were very sad when the ornament broke. It’s sad painting the dog because he is sooooooo cute.

Tomorrow hopefully will be a quilting day. Plan on using all my scraps and make a crazy quilt.

Very disappointing Accenture Match Play. Thinking Rory and Tiger will both be out first out. Now Rory is definitely gone.

Off to the showers.


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