18 Feb

bird in paradise

ellie dancing

mom 93

Photos are of Elliott celebrating her 3rd birthday and my Mom celebrating her 93 birthday. February is quite the month. Also have several friends having birthdays this month. I love both of these pictures of some of my favorite people. Elliot’s party was a ballet party and it was so cute. It was at the Kansas Ballet Academy. Stephanie Heston owns it and she and Billie have known each other since they were 3 and taking ballet. Jolene, Judy and I were all there to celebrate Mom’s birthday so that was special for her. Sunday night, we all went to dinner to the Steak Inn in Shell Knob, MO which is Mom’s favorite place. The painting is one I did last week of a Bird in Paradise. It was from a photo I took in Hawaii. I gave it to Dick and Judy for treating us to the cruise.

Of course, once again I made our little trip to Holiday Island a little difficult. I realized Sunday morning that I hadn’t packed any underwear or my antidepressant. Both rather needed items. Luckily, we were able to drive to Harrison, AR to a Walgreens and get a refill and purchase some undies. It was a 100 mile roundtrip, but Denny didn’t holler at me so it was okay. On the way home, we stopped at a little quilt shop. It was full of a quilts that had been made by the husband of the lady running the store. He has done it full time for 18 years. There was tons of fabric. They don’t teach classes and just sell quilts and material. Interesting.

We are now in Norman, OK on the way to Colleyville, TX. A very spur of the moment trip. We are trying to purchase something which will totally change our lives forever. We are driving to Texax to meet with the people and discuss the financial part. We decided to do the trip because it is too stressful waiting for phone calls and emails. We thought by driving down and meeting with them, we can know either way if it will actually work out and then we can proceed either way. We really want it to work. We should be home Wednesday afternoon and we definitely want to get there before the snows are to begin.

Update on sleeping with splint on foot at night. I do believe it is helping. I still have some discomfort but not limping as badly. I have been very anxious with all of this possible life change stuff going on. Kind of had a meltdown this morning, but feeling better tonight. It’s hard to quiet my thoughts but it also makes me very tired, so am getting more sleep.

My daughter warned me not to begin playing Candy Crush off of facebook. I didn’t listen to her. Oh my gosh. It is sooooo addictive. It only lets you play so many times and then you have to wait 20 minutes before you play again, or….pay 99 cents to get more time and I have done it twice today. I don’t know if I can quit playing it or not. Yikes. I’m also playing tons of words with friends and abble dabble.

Time to shut down for the night. Hopefully I’ll be able to write tomorrow about what we have going on.


2 Responses to “Tidbits”

  1. Judy Knoll 02/19/2013 at 12:07 am #

    Fun pictures – Love our painting, it’s beautiful! Elliott looks like she’s having a blast and your mom looks great!!

  2. Denise Nocktonick 02/19/2013 at 7:09 am #

    Just letting you know that “Chief” Ron a I live in Colleyville y’all should stop by?

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