Lake Wabaunsee

2 Feb

We arrived home yesterday afternoon by way of La Veta. We had a great time in La Veta and it is alway such a welcoming place for us. Saw many friends and took care of some building business. Stayed with Don and Mitzi which is always nice. Finally, we were able to have dinner at Aly’s. Some of you who visted us when we lived in La Veta ate with us at Aly’s in Walsenburg. Now she has a place in La Veta and it is still just as yummy.
Now we are home and it feels good but after such a whirlwind 5 weeks, I am trying to decide what I am supposed to do. It was weird unpacking my shorts and sundresses and sandals which I’m sure won’t be worn again anytime soon. Meeko and Jumper were thrilled to see us and they received lots of petting and scratching. Meeko isn’t trusting us quite yet. He keeps staring at me and wondering if we are leaving anytime soon again. It will probably take a few days before he trusts me again.
The only thing we can’t do right now is see Billie’s family. The kids have all come down with Type B flu and strep throat. Billie was home all week with them. It’s the most school the boys have ever missed. Hopefully they’ll be healed up next week.
Day 5 Pepsi free. No struggles about it. We are still doing are 1 lb of veggies and 1 lb of fruit. Loaded up at the grocery store today. Stomach is loving it.
Looking forward to several hours of catching up on my recorded shows. New show I am in love with: “The Following”.


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