Friday, January 25

25 Jan

ruth christ
A group photo of Mitzi, Denny, Jay, Don and Mary. We all met up at the Ruth Chris in Scottsdale. I don’t think Denny and I have eaten at one of those restaurants. It was very nice but VERY expensive. We are glad we went but also feel our steaks at Black Angus are just about as good. We had a good time catching up with Don and Mitzi and hearing the news from La Veta. We are going to stay all night with them next week while we are in La Veta for a night.
The weather is cooperating with us today and we will be able to play golf this afternoon. It was supposed to be raining but so far it is sunny.
Ruth sent us photos of Meeko and Jumper this morning. I sent them a little video from me telling them I loved them and missed them. Ruth called me after she showed it to them. She said they made her show it to them 3 times!! Meeko even had a tear in his eye. Can’t wait to be back with them. This has been the longest we’ve been away from them.


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