Ziplining Adventure

24 Jan

eagle croppedzipliners
We did Ziplining while on Kuai. I have never done this before and it was soooo fun and exhilerating. Wasn’t sure if I could it but so glad I did. It was about an hour drive to get up the mountain. Fairly rough ride. I’ll just let the videos and photos tell the story.

Friday was a very strange day on board. There was a Norwal Virus outbreak. When we went to breakfast in the buffet, all of the buffet booths were wrapped in plastic. You were handed everything by the crew; silverware, plates, coffee, salt and pepper. It was very slow to get your food. At dinner in the restaurant, they came out and handed you copies of the menus. When you sat at your table there was nothing on the table except your silverware. If you did come down with the virus, you were quarrantined to your room for 2 days. we had a few in our tour group come down with it. On Saturday when we disembarked, those affected were taken off the ship from a different gangway. They sprayed your hands all the time with antibacterial. Tina had it on Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully the rest of our group didn’t come down with it.
Saturday we spent the day riding around on a bus and touring the island. We went to Pearly Harbor, The Missouri, The Punch Bowl and looked around the island. The Pearl Harbor and the Punch Bowl were very touching. The Punch Bowl is a National Cemetary and also has memorials from World II through Viet Nam. They had these stone maps of Viet Nam and I was able to see the cities where Denny flew in during his tour. That was really interesting to see the places he was.
We had early morning flights on Sunday morning, but everyone else was flying out on Saturday night. When the bus dropped off the people on the bus a the airport, Denny, Mary and I thought we would just spend the night in the airport. Now, Honolulu is an open air airport. So when we got of the bus, we thought we would just go upstairs and hang out. The airport lady said “NO, you can’t go upstairs until 12:01 am and it was only 7:30 pm. We didn’t think we would enjoy being in the open air baggage area and sleeping on cement benches. Off we went to the Best Western which was located right under the interstate. It felt like semi’s were driving right on top of us. We were up at 4:30 am and we all were on our way home by 8 am. Wonderful 2 weeks for all us and we were so glad we went.
Just a side note. While we were on the Missouri, the guide was talking about the ships duties during Desert Storm. I thought he said “do you know what this is a silouhetee of” and I shouted out “An eagle”. Everyone started laughing and I didn’t know why. He had actually said “do you know what country this is a silouhette of” and it was Kuait. Photo of the black eagle shape is the map. ML ML ML


One Response to “Ziplining Adventure”

  1. Judy Knoll 01/24/2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Even though I was there to experience alot of it with you, it’s still fun to read about your adventures!! Blog is great and love your pictures. It sure is cold in Topeka!

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