Hilo and Kona Hawaii and Kuai January 15-17, 2013

24 Jan

golf in the clouds

j and denny


sea turtles
Photos: Judy and I golfing on Kona, Peacock on golf course, hula video, Denny and I at Waimea Canyon
I stayed on board Tuesday to do some painting. Denny, Dick, Judy and Mary spent the day walking around Hilo. They had a fun time and also purchased some Luau outfits. I was doing some paintings to use as prizes for the cocktail party on Friday. I was in charge of best Hawaiian outfit and the best hula.
On Wednesday, Dick and Judy and Denny and I played golf at the Malikea Golf Course in Kona. It was a really fun day. The course was built on the side of a volcano so at the highest point we were at 1500 feet. Actually felt like we were playing in the clouds at times. The views of the ocean from here was so stunning. The waters were the most beautiful aqua blue. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from looking. The golf pro from the ship joined us for a few holes and took videos and photos of us. This was when my weight issue hit me right between the eyes. One of the videos was taken of me teeing off. He was crouched down in front of me. I had a shirt on untucked. (You’ll understand why I’m describing this in a second) So here is what happened on the video and it is in verrrrrry slow motion. As I am turning in my back swing my shirt is also coming up, as I am coming back with my follow through, my stomach is coming also and it slowing comes around until my belly button is facing forward. All the fat is shown coming around too. It was HORRIFYING! If I want to discontinue my healthy eating plan, all I have to do is watch that video as a reminder. Other than that, my swing looked pretty good. ML ML ML (that means maniac laugh)
Thursday was the Waimea Canyon and the Luau. The canyon was okay, like a little Grand Canyon, but being a bus most of the was tortuous for me. I did enjoy some of the history that was being told non stop, but 5 hours was a bit long. Then it was time to get dressed up and go to the Luau. Now, my thinking about luau’s was that there was Don Ho type music and hula dancers. I had no idea how beautiful and touching the show would be. It was absolutely beautiful. The men and women who danced were so wonderful and seemed to relish being up there. The music, the singing, the scenery was fabulous. I was sad when it ended. Loved it, loved it. The food was so so and you could drink all you wanted but could only have 1 drink in your had at all times.


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