Healthy eating day 4

24 Jan

mary friends
We continue to try and eat our 1 lb of fruit and 1 lb of vegetables a day. Mary and I were so virtuous last night, the we shared a cobb salad, but…….we also ordered Truffle Fries, but…….we shared them with the whole table of 6, so……..we are still virtuous. After a day of golf, we joined some of Mary’s friends for dinner. Three of us were celebrating birthdays which was fun. We had dinner at the Verrado Grill which is located at the Raven Country Club. I loved all of her friends and we laughed a lot. Had a lot in common.
We were going to go to the pool today, but we have had a major weather change. Rain and cooler temps are here now, about 4 days earlier than expected. That’s a bummer because it has been beautiful.
Tonight is going to be fun because we are meeting Don and Mitzi, our good friends from Colorado, at a Ruth Crist restaurant in Scottsdale. They are visiting their daughter who lives in Scottsdale. Looking forward to that. Denny has never eaten at one of those restaraunts before. We are going to be virtuous all day and then go all out tonight.
That’s it for now.
Also I have updated Juli’s page. She is beginning a new regimen of chemo since they have found another tumor on her liver. Please keep her prayers. I talked to her yesterday and she is still feeling okay but the new chemo will take 7 hours of IV’s.


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