Haliakea Sunrise

24 Jan

sunrise3 biyclist

While in Maui, where we docked for 2 days, 3 of us saw the sunrise on Haliakea. (I’m not sure if I am spelling any of these Hawaiian places correctly, but I don’t want to spend my time checking) Judy, Denny and I did this excursion. We left the ship at 3 am on Monday morning. It took about an hour or so to arrive at the top of Haliakea which is about 10,000 feet. It was still dark and the temperature was in the low 30’s with about a 20 mile an hour wind. Even though you could go inside the visitor center or find shelter in the bathroom, you also had to guard your space at the railing so you had a good view of the sunrise. When you are at this spot, you are actually above the clouds and you are going to see the sun come up over the clouds. The bus gets you there an hour before sunrise, so you are freezing you asses off all this time. Thankfully they provided gloves and a rain suit which provided some protection. I had layered up pretty well but Denny had on his shorts so he was pretty cold, even with the rain suit on. The sun came up at 7 am and it was pretty, but life changing, no. It was such a bright pink that you couldn’t even look at it. We were all grateful when it finally came up, we looked and then ran back to the bus to get warm. After a tour of a couple other sites, I didn’t get out and look because I was wtill tooooo cold, we headed back to the entrance of the park so we could get on our bicycles to ride 15 miles down. Now this was pretty fun. Not regular bicycles, but fine for this outing. They actually block the road so you are riding on the road most of time and not the shoulder. We stopped at the Lavendar farm and had a quick bite. It took about 2 hours for us to come all the way down since we stopped a few times for photos, etc. All in all it was a fine tour, but I wouldn’t go up and do the sunrise thing again, but glad that I did it once. Mary and Tina spent the day in Lihnai. They just hopped on a trolley and for $4 they took an hour ride to Lihna and walked around the town. Claire and Rolly went on a whale watching tour and had a blast. The whales put on quite a show for them. The whales are migrating right now so there are many around the islands.


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