Phoenix, January 22, 2013

22 Jan

group luauus 3I actually began blogging last night and lost everything I had written when the computer froze up, so I was pissed and decided I didn’t want to blog while pissed. So….after a good night’s sleep, I feel ready to conquer a blog that is a week behind. I am going to take a few days to write about the cruise and try to do a couple of days at a time. It was such a fabulous trip. We all thought that going to Molokai first was a great way to begin the trip. I learned many things about the Hawaiin culture and was surprised to learn that the Hawaiin’s experienced many of the same issues that the Indians did on the mainland when they became a state. There were many signs about the issue. The people were very gracious. Tourism is their main industry due to the demise of the sugar cane industry which has gone to 3rd world countries. Dole Pineapples is also still an industry. Monsanto is a huge business in Molokai where they test pesticides. There were protest signs about that and also protesting cruise ships coming to the island of Molokai. One thing I did like about this cruise is that when you went ashore, you weren’t hounded by pan handlers. It’s also nice to not need to worry about water, food, the language and safety. There were still some of the stores that the tour bus took you to that were probably owned by the cruise ship, could also just hop off the ship and wander the towns by trolleys and have a great time.
Our friends we traveled with were Mary, who is pictured with us. The others were Dick and Judy on the left of us and Claire and Rolly to the right of us. It was so fun being able to share the cruise with them. Do you love the matching shirt and dress that Denny and I have on. We received a lot of compliments on the combo. I had so much fun wearing sun dresses during the trip. One of the dresses made me look really well endowed. (Are women well endowed?) Anyway, with all the ruffles and sequins I looked like a bulldozer going down the halls.
Today, Mary and I are hanging out at the pool and do our exercises in the water. Yesterday we walked about 2 1/2 miles and my feet paid dearly for it last night. Apparently the cortisone has worn off already. We are going to Mary’s friends house tonight to watch KU/KState which should be fun. I think I will be the only KU fan, but not sure. It has finally warmed back up here in Arizona.
Okay so this ends today’s blog and tomorrow will be blogs about the trip because I have to do them in order and if I do them today they will be all upside down.


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