Day 2 of eating healthy

22 Jan

After being on the cruise, I vowed that I was going to lose some weight because I don’t want to be an overweight 60 year old trying to look cute.  So…Mary and I are each other’s support. Up until 9 pm tonight we were doing great. Eating hard boiled eggs, no bread, 2 Pepsi’s, no chips, etc. Then, as we were watching “Private Practice”, the downhill slide began. First, I stopped and got some Tootsie pops since they are only 60 calories and they can satisfy my sweet tooth.  Well, I ate 2 of them with Mary’s support and then Mary ate a brownie with my support. Then Mary decided to make some popcorn so I said that sounds like a good plan. I remembered that there were some leftover fried potatoes and a pork chop in the fridge. Mary suggested I heat them up in the frying pan which I did and then proceeded to eat all of it. It is now 10:30. Tomorrow is a new day and new day to eat healthy. We tee off at 10 am for 18 so that will keep us away from the fridge for a few hours. : )


One Response to “Day 2 of eating healthy”

  1. Kathy 01/24/2013 at 9:00 am #

    Welcome back to the mainland! So glad you had such a great time in Hawaii and it was great reading/seeing your updates. Enjoy your time in Phoenix and I’m with ya on the healthy eating challenges! Some days are just way more challenging than others. Best wishes!!

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