Packing up

11 Jan

That was my last walk on a beach and looking for seashells. This beach was full of broken coral but not one single shell. We did find some artifacts to make us a mixed media art piece.

I finally picked out some Hawaiin quilting material which should be really fun. We drove to our 20 mile beach for a last look at the ocean, the waves, feel the wind, smell the sea, etc. Trying to savor.

We leave at 5:40 am for a 7 am flight to Honolulu tomorrow. We will shuttle to the Aston Wakiki hotel where we will drop our luggage off. Then we hope to catch a shuttle to the Sony Open Golf tournament and hang out there for a few hours. Not really big names playing but a nice field. I hope to Dustin Johnson, John Daly and Keegan Bradley. We’ll meet with the first group coming in for the cruise around 4 pm at the hotel. Hopefully everyone will arrive fairly close to on time. Looking forward to seeing Dick, Judy, Clair, Rolly and Tina who will all be cruising too.

We were reading about how bad the flu is getting on the mainland and I hope it doesn’t travel to the ship. We will be extra careful washing our hands a lot. I forgot to get my flu shot. Billie’s family has been fighting some type of bug for several days. Not sure if the boys are able to be back at school or not. Good news that Justin is starting a new job on Monday and it will even work for him with his knee in a brace. My Feet are hanging in there. I am trying a new medicine that my foot doctor prescribed. It’s Mentax and is considered a food supplement so nothing addictive but is used for neuropathy of the feet. A side effect is a headache which I keep having so I may hold off on taking it until we get off the ship.

Not sure what availability I will have to blog on the cruise. It can be rather expensive so may hold off until we get off the ship on the 19th. We’ll see. Thanks for reading the blog during our visit here.

A couple of tidbits: No rv parks or rv’s here. No big semi’s. Food at the grocery doesn’t seem to cost a lot more but gas is about the same as California. The wind has began to wear on me but at least it is warm. I have been wearing a long scarf wrapped around my head and it has been perfect for the wind and not needing to worry about my hair blowing off into the ocean. That has been nice. There are tourists here, but not many. A lot of them travel by fairy from Maui and spend the day and then go back. Aloha for now. Need to get that last minute packing done.


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