Last day in Molokai

10 Jan

Our view from our 3rd floor condo. Our condo has 2 bedrooms with one being in a loft. Fully supplied, we’ve mainly fixed all of our meals. This condo rents for $135 a night which is pretty sweet. We did hear that summer is the time to come here for best deals.

One must see attraction is Phallic Rock. It is located by the lookout to the leper colony. A little bit of a hike. It is “interesting” and Mary was verrrrrrry interested, since she is reading “50 Shades of Grey”. It can be chilly here in the morning at the higher elevations which this was.

Denny and I are with a lady who runs the local Purdy Macadamia Nut Farm. A totally organic farm and all done with 2 people. They have 6 acres of trees. Everyday they rake up the nuts that have fallen, sort them out into fallen gallon buckets, crack the husks off and lay them out to sun roast and voila-a fresh, natural nut. I have never in my whole life eaten a macadamia and now can say I have and I do like them. Jessee, who has worked there for 10 years, he’s 67, and is a native from here which I bet is unusual.

We had more beach time yesterday. We made it back to the kite factory and Denny bought another kite. He was able to fly it yesterday but let it drop in the water then it was too heavy to fly. I was wondering why he was flying it so close to the water but I didn’t say anything. The beach we were at yesterday was safe to swim in but the sand was full of billions of broken shells so a little tough on the feet although we did exfoliate them naturally. The water felt a little cool at first then it felt great.

While at the kite factory, we went across the street to Janis’s House of Blessing which is a used clothing place. We scored with a sundress and 2 hawaiian shirts for a donation. We usually start out our morning drives by 9 and are home by 2 or 3. Today we are going to Mile 20 beach which may have some shells, but I’ve given up hope on that venture. Also hope to purchase my hawaiin print material for a quilt. Tried to yesterday but they were out to lunch for several hours. It’s funny, we’ve tried to go to the Visitors Center everyday but it hasn’t been open yet. Molokai has several little communities but we are staying in Kaunakakai. I would definitely come back here and stay during the summer when it can be less windy. Love the laid back feel. One thing I wanted to do but decided against was the mule ride to the leper colony, Kalaupapa, but it was $185 and I’m sure I would have suffered some ill effects from the ride. But I love the story of Father Damien. Dr. Samuels, who I work with on Friends of Namakkal, used to work with the lepers in the 50’s an 60’s. There are still 17 original people with Hansen’s disease still living on the peninsula.

I did finally do some painting yesterday and will do another hour today. I love the time here. I go to sleep around 10 or 11 and wake up ready to go at 5:30 or 6 am. Not sure why that is. Maybe it is the roosters that wake us up. I think I’ll buy pet rooster and then I’ll get up earlier when he wakes me up every morning.

We turn our car in at 4 today and we will walk back, about 2 miles from the ladies house. I feel all antsy, like I need to get a million things done before we leave in the morning. Also antsy, hoping I don’t get airsick again but I will be well prepared with air sick pills that I will take at least 2 hours before we leave on our 7 am flight. Aloha


One Response to “Last day in Molokai”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 01/11/2013 at 11:52 am #

    sounds wonderful!!!! I am just a little bit jealous because it is cold and windy and awful here today! It was supposed to snow but I think that the wind blew the clouds (and everything else) away. It has been pretty nice though and we had lots of fun in Denver with the kids! I even got to go to law school….which Jamie loves and for sure is not a good career path for her mom!! Haha! We leave late next week for our Arizona trip to see Ash and Casey and hopefully run into some warm weather, Hope that you continue to have a great time and thanks for keeping us all up to date via this blog. Lots of fun the read and live vicariously!! Love you!

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