Tuesday morning in Molokai

8 Jan

Once again we were up early. We have a little baby next to us and it wasn’t happy during the night.  The roosters start in about 3, not sure why they are up so early.  There are chickens running amok everywhere with the cutest little baby chicks in tow.

fath damien 2

I beleive this is Father Damiens place way in the jungle but not quite sure.  We will go back there tomorrow and get the scoop.  Today we head to the other side of the island to hopefully hunt seashells and look for whales. Apparently the island is 41 miles around, not 26 likeI though.  Winds are to come up again today so we will be careful hunting for shells.  I picked up my first 2 shells yesterday.  Nothing to brag about but hopefully we’ll find some pretty ones today.

Cockroaches must be an issue in Molokia.  They are all over our ceiling in the kitchen this morning.  Also you must be able to smoke pot on your balcony but not cigarettes.  The pot smoke was wafting up to our balcony this morning.

Off we go.  I am so glad that Mary has this tiny computer we were able to bring.  Might have to check into having one of these for traveling.



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