Monday afternoon in Molokai

8 Jan

The afternoon took an interesting turn.  We relocated to our permanent condo around 1.  It is really beautiful and the owner has so many interesting works of art, shells, artifacts and everything is decorated in a Hawaiin theme. We still have a view of the ocean and may even be able to see the sunrise.

Then our car was delivered around 2.  It’s quite a car. A Cavalier. Not sure the year.  The air conditioning is broken, the visors and dash are all torn up. But…it got us around over half of the island. We are very fortunate to even have a vehicle.  Our first drive was to the Paddler to eat lunch and watch Notre Dame and Alabama.  Kind of like watching the KState game so we left after the first quarter.  Then off to the grocery store.  Apparently it was payday because the store was packed. I’m lucky I came out with  my toes because of all the carts and narrow aisles.  I actually thought we could drive clear around the island.  Of course, do we look at a map before we take off??  No… We just start driving and it was beautiful.  Starts out flat with ocean views and then it gets mountainous and you see cliffs and the ocean crashing against the rocks. Then we get to the crest and start going down into the jungle area.  It was luscious and there were waterfalls cascading.  We are thinking we went by Father Damien’s place but not positive but if it is, the lepers lived in the dark, jungly part of the island. It must have felt so depressing. We turned around after the road ended and made it back to the condo around 7.  We’re pretty tired since we were up early.

We did see some Axis deer which look like White tail deer with spots. Things I’m going to purchase: some Hawiiaan print material for a quilt. A cheap camera since I didn’t bring mine. Some jewelry. I would rather buy items from here rather than the tourist places we’ll be in off of the cruise. Also going to do some painting tomorrow after we drive to the other side of the island the other direction.  We may see whales and be on a big beach. It will still be windy but very warm which is wonderful.

The store clerks seem pretty friendly but the locals don’t seem particularly friendly.  I’m sure they don’t like the tourist season I bet.  There seems to ongoing protests about cruise ships, wind towers and cable.  The cable must be here because they have many channels.


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