Monday in Molokai

7 Jan

Ahhhhh.  Sitting on the deck of our condo looking at the island of Lania.  We have a 4 hour time difference between here and Kansas.  Of course, guess who called me at 5 am???? Billie.  Luckily I was awake already. We just returned from walking to town, about a mile, because we were unable to rent a car. Every shop we went into we asked about renting a vehicle, or having a shuttle somewhere, etc.   Finally,  we got hold of Clair who has a Cavalier for rent, it is in the shop as I write this, but should be a available this afternoon for $35 a day.  What a deal.  All in all, we probably walked 3 miles and my feet did okay.  I did asked Mary and Denny to not ask me about my feet and I’m just going to deal with them day by day. Today is a good day.

Yesterday was quite a day.  We were up at 4 am, checked in for flight at 5:15.  Short flight to LAX. Left LAX at 8:40 am for our 5 1//2  hr flight.  It really was pretty comfortable.  Great movie, “Arbitrage”.  I had plenty of snacks so no chance of starving.  Everything was great until we started descending into Honolulu.  I had the most excruciating pain in both ears and all through my head.  Like someone was stabbing my brain.  It subsided after a few minutes and I thought “okay relax”.  Then the plane became extremely bumpy and it was a very rough landing which made me feel airsick.  By the time we got off the plane, I thought I better take a dramamine for the flight to Molokai.  It was a propeller plane.  If you watch golf, you would already know that it is EXTREMELY windy over here right now.  We boarded the plane and Mary sat next to me.  Within 2 minutes of take off I was soooo airsick.  I was pale, sweating, dizzy, couldn’t even open my eyes.  Mary, my bfffffff forever spent the entire 20 minute flight fanning me, putting wet paper towels on my head and neck, telling me to breathe.  Finally, we landed.  I still couldn’t open my eyes after sitting while everyone got off of the flight.  Denny kept waiting for me to get up and I said,” I am so dizzy, I don’t think I can walk.” The stewardess called for a wheel chair and I sat it in that and was wheeled into the little open air airport.  I immediately went into the bathroom and I looked ghastly, so white.  Thankfully, the lady who we are renting our condo from, picked us up and brought us to our place.  I had to still keep my eyes closed while riding because I was so dizzy.  I went to bed for a few hours and am back to normal today.  Now Denny and Mary are fighting on who is going to sit next to me on the plane back!!! I have a feeling I will be on my own.  Yet another story of traveling with the Jbird, never a dull moment.

We love the little town and everyone was helpful with info.  They said to stay away from the west beach as it is very dangerous due to the winds.  Even an experienced surfer drowned last week there. We are going to the Paddlers bar for lunch and to watch Notre Dame  and Alabama at 3.  We still have to move over to the condo that we are staying in rest of the week.  I hope to post photos later.  There is a little private beach, a swimming pool and grills for us to cook on.  I’m very inspired to paint and hope to begin doing that today.

Tidbits:  Coming to Hawaii versus Mexico is nice because you have no extra phone charges and you can use internet.  No currency issues either.  I like Molokia being non-touristy.  Mexican food seems popular which kind of surprised me.  I thought oriental food would be more prevalent.

We have not eaten real food of any kind since Saturday night!  There was no grocery stores or restaurants openend on Sunday.nJust snack foods.  Luckily I had gluten free items with me, bread, pretzels, cookies, and Denny and Mary ate popcorn.  Once we get the car we will buy some groceries and get refueled.  Speaking of refueled-Gas is $5.00 a gallon.

That’s it for now.


One Response to “Monday in Molokai”

  1. Kathy 01/09/2013 at 9:27 am #

    Hope the rest of your time in Hawaii is better than the start! I know where you are coming from, as to the horribleness of flights like this. I took a flight from Denver to Colorado Springs, which is only an 18-20 minute flight, if memory serves me right. I was okay the first 2 minutes. Threw up the remaining time, was sweating profusely, yet was freezing cold. This was in the early 80’s, when they still had the small square smoking trays in the arm rest. It was so bumpy, that these were flying out. Felt so bad for the guy setting next to me. I was the last one off, found a restroom and just layed against the wall for a long time. During the flight, I was just hoping that it would just crash – as I knew it was going to crash anyway – so just get it done. Awful feeling – and I feel your pain. Here’s to clear skies and no winds on the way back!!

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