5 Jan

mary bag      j bag

That’s Mary’s stuff on the left and mine on the right.  We were trying to pack light.  Mary is acting like she is packing because she is carrying on, but in reality half of her stuff is in Denny’s bag.  As of now we are under the 50 lb limit.  In reality we are actually gone for 15 days so one must be prepared.  I am a little nervous still because the weather is still crap over there but maybe it is moving this direction and everything will be nice for all of us. Even if it isn’t that will be okay too.  I just want some warmth.  I have been chilled every since we arrived in AZ.  Mary keeps her house on the cool side so I always have to have blankies and sweatshirts on.  Then today we rode 20 miles on our bicycles.  I had 3 layers on and never had to take anything off!  Then we went to church this afternoon, details in a minute, and I froze in there. Then we went to 5 GUYS for dinner and froze in there!!! She did just turn the heat up in the house since I am still up and it is 10:30 pm.

We are leaving at 4:30 am for a 6:15 flight.  I have a little bag full of gluten free snacks, peanut m&m’s and tootsie pops and 1 energy bar.  I also have a big yarn ball to knit on a golf head cover.  I will also have my nook and my ipod.  I hope they show a movie.  I just keep thinking I’ll get all squirmy and my left foot will start itching like crazy and then my shoulders will start itching and I’ll be driving all those around me crazy because I won’t be able to sit still.  I hope all of that doesn’t happen, but who knows.  My anxiety seems to have lessened and I think the bicycle ride helped that a lot.

Interesting area around Goodyear.  Did you know that in the area, they grow roses for all the florists in the country.  There are fields and fields of them. All different colors and they have people come in a pick them during the season which is almost over.

The church we went to was huge and it is one of 3.  It is a Christian church but is an offshoot of a Southern Baptist church.  I really enjoyed the music, a little loud with the guitars and drums but the song leaders were great.  The sermon was just what I needed to hear.  It was on forgiveness and Mary, Denny and I had just had a long discussion a couple of days ago.  Before I turn 60 I need to deal with a couple of forgiveness issues because I refuse to beat myself up anymore about my son but I have a hard time forgiving him for how he is leading his life right now. The church itself is a little too Southern Baptist for me because of how they don’t let women have any power per se and how they feel about gay people, but that’s okay, that’s their belief system, so I couldn’t be a member of a church with those ideologies? Is that the right word? They do have a lot of families and kids and teenagers and I like to see that in a church.

Time to try and get 5 hours of sleep. We are getting up at 3:45.  Mary flies straight thru but we change in LA.  Not sure if I will be able to blog while away but we are taking Mary’s little IPAD so hopefully we can connect sometime.  Internet costs on cruise ships is astronomical but maybe when we are ashore, we can connect cheaper.

ALOHA everybody..



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