Who is the weird man talking on the tv

4 Jan

Yesterday while Mary and Denny were at the Fiesta Bowl festivities and game I hung around the house and did some chores for Mary and watch some tv.  When you watch a network show at night, i.e, Criminal Minds, there was a man that would be describing the scene on the tv.  I thought it was just a fluky thing that the show itself was doing, like having a guy act like he was reading from a book about the scene.  When I was watching something the next night, Nashville, and that weird guy was talking again.  I googled Cox to see if I could find out what it was.  It is called Video Description for blind people!! Now if we could just figure out how to get it turned off.  May need a call to a tech.  It’s a nice feature, but the guy talks like the guy in the Scream movies.

denny mary     game

Denny and Mary had a lot of fun during the pregame activities but were sad at the outcome of the game.  What’s up with Oregon getting a touchdown in the first 10 seconds. They did hang in there for the entire game.  I went next door to Betty’s house to watch the game.  It was fun and I had several calls from Kevin, who lives in Naco and is from Oregon, regarding our bet ont he game.  Janet and I now owe him and his wife a Mexican flag mexican dinner at Turquoise Valley.

Today we decided that we needed to get serious about packing for Hawaii.  Mary and I spent 2 hours shopping for last minute things.  She found me a sundress and top for a total of 8$ at Kohls.  We found a Sprouts grocery store, so I picked up a bunch of gluten free goodies to take to Molokai. Just not sure what type of grocery stores they will have there.  I am a little nervous since they had really crappy weather there today.  Come on Mother Nature, let us have some really nice warm sun to walk on the beach.

We are bicycling in the morning with one of Mary’s friends.  He is a really nice guy who is a KState graduate.  We are also going to go to church with him and go to Five Guys afterward.  One of our favorite places to eat. He is also going to take us at 4:45 am on Sunday morning to the airport for a donation to his church. Not a bad deal. I’m also trying to decide what hobbies to take and it will be knitting and painting.  I am still working on some cute head covers for golf clubs.

Going to head to bed.  Hope I have a better night than last night.  I couldn’t get my head to stop running and I was all over the house trying to find a place to sleep.  I ended up on a divan finally. It was almost like a fairly bad anxiety attack.  Now with a Hawaii trip looming what in the hell do I have a need to feel anxious about. Makes me so mad about my weird mental issues.


2 Responses to “Who is the weird man talking on the tv”

  1. Kathy 01/05/2013 at 9:11 am #

    Bon Voyage and have a fabulous time in Hawaii. Hope the weather is great for you. Aloha!!

  2. Becky 01/05/2013 at 10:14 am #

    Just relax and have fun. That is coming from another person that can’t fly over water but one day I am going to do it.

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