This is the life

2 Jan


I have totally taken over Mary’s favorite chair.  It is so comfortable.  It actually leans back without you needing to pull a handle or anything.  I’m set up with my computer, knitting, heating pad, chips, phone and blankies.  Also I use this chair to stretch my feet which Denny and Mary holler at me all day to do.  I’m doing it, I’m doing it…


Denny and Mary went to the KState pep rally for the Fiesta Bowl tomorrow night.  They had a lot of fun.  About 23,000 fans there today.  They bought a beer and it was $25!!!!  It was actually a giant can of 24 oz.  They justified the cost by saying that was equal to 3 8 oz cans of beer and they were able to share it.  Still not getting that high of a price.  Wonder how much a Pepsi was?? Anyway, they were there about 3 hours and said it was great fun.  This is Denny’s first chance to do a bowl game so he is really happy. Also Mary has friends who are going to the game and they can ride with them.  Now they are frantically trying to get tickets.  There are plenty available but now they are trying to find the best deal.

While they were gone, I started taking down the decorations from her Christmas tree. She worked at Hallmarks and has a whole bunch of ornaments from there. It was fun packing them in their little boxes.

Nothing else was accomplished except for several rounds of Abble Dabble and Words with Friends, some knitting, a few phone calls and figuring out the microdermabrasion machine. It is going to be a cool thing to do for my complexion, my decollete, and anywhere else I need to get gnarly dead skin cells removed.

Feet are slightly better and hopefully the cortisone will really kick in tomorrow. I so hope so. Hawaii is getting closer and closer.

Prayers for my niece Juli who goes in for her CatScan and visit with surgeon tomorrow.  Let’s hope that nasty tumor in her liver has shrunk to nothing.

That’s it for now.  GO CATS! I’m not even sure Mary has a channel that I will be able to watch it on.


One Response to “This is the life”

  1. ruth 01/02/2013 at 10:03 pm #

    Dang J; I knew Denny spoiled you; but Mary too !?!? sheesh lol

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