New Year Day Tidbits

1 Jan

It is a true miracle that I actually got a New Year’s kiss at midnight from the DennyPoo!!! He did take a little nap during the evening so he could be up so it was nice of him to stay up.

Sunday in Naco was quite a special day.  It began with a brunch at Mike and Laura’s up in Bisbee. They fixed a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and waffles.  We were able to see the new project this year on their 1902 old miners home built up on the side of a mountain in Bisbee.  They have a mine shaft entree right out their back door.  It has been a work in progress and I love everything they have done to upgrade.  After brunch, Denny went back to Naco and Laura and I headed to the Fiber guild.  We met up there with Betsy and Gretchen.  It was fun to be back in the guild with all the looms begging me to make a rug.  That will happen when we return in February. Gretchen and Betsy are wonderful artists so it was great to spend a few hours walking around Bisbee with all of them. I did purchase a Hawaiin shirt for Denny at the Atlantis which is this funky book store/art supply/hemp clothing/eco friendly products/cool toys/vintage albums. It only cost $8 and should look “maaavelous” on him. After my Bisbee time, Laura took me back to the motel.  Then Denny and I went to Chuck and Janet’s for a dinner of lamb and steaks.  Janet is my great lamb eating buddy of which I only have one other, Roger.  We both like it rare and we like to gnaw on the bones.  After dinner we watched an old movie that was based in Bisbee.  It was called “Violent Saturday”. The description was “a movie about violence, voyerism and addictions”.  It starred Victor Mature and Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.  Apparently it was an early start on Lee and Ernest’s film careers.  It was so campy it was hilarious.  A synopsis: The violence was about robbing a bank in Bradenville. The addiction was Lee Marvin’s ex wife had chronic colds, like one every two weeks.  Hence, he said thhe became addicted to the Vicks nasal spray, the kind that is round and you would stick it up your nose, it had a little hard thing in it that had the vick’s on it.  He spent the whole movie inhaling it.  The voyeurism: A guy that worked at the bank had a crush on a nurse.  He would follow the nurse home at night and then go into the alley and watch her undress.  Ernest Borgnine played an Amish man. It was a really fun movie to watch since all the scenes were from the Bisbee and Warren area.

Turquoise Valley golf course was in fine shape and the snow should help it a lot.  They don’t have water issues at the course like many others do.

This is Denny’s first visit to Mary’s house in Phoenix.  He loves it.  He loves it so much he asked her to marry him!!

Last night when we went to the Black Angus, still thinking about that fabulous prime rib, when she asked for my order I said I wanted the 220z prime rib.  She what??? Oh, I was looking at the price.

It is still on the chilly side here but will warm up as week goes on.. Mary has arrived home from Nashville so there will be plenty of yakking and cussing and laughing going on.  Still wondering if her and Denny are going to the Fiesta Bowl game. I hope they do because Denny has never been to a bowl game.  It’s only like 15 minutes from here.

That’s it for now.


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