Naco, AZ

29 Dec

Home sweet home.  Since Denny drove 790 miles the day before we only had a 6 hour drive on Friday and I only slept 1 hour. We arrived around 2 and got checked into the San Jose Lodge.  It’s kind of a funky old motel with a restaurant and bar. Right now we are watching Jim Gaffigan on the Comedy channel.  I looooooove him.  Someday I want to go see him in person.

We had fun yesterday catching up with our buddies at Turquoise Valley.  Dale a friend who lives in the rv park fulltime told us a funny thing his sister said during a recent vist.  He was showing her the flyer about the events at the course and bar.  One of the events is “TGIF”  She said “it’s f#$%^&* Friday here everyday”.  This is true.  It’s a very laid back existence.

Today we are playing golf with Janet and Chuck at noon.  I’ve got long underwear since it will be slightly chilly while we are playing.  Tonight we are going to Rosas which is a wonderful Italian restaurant. You have to preorder the lasagna because she only makes 1 pan of it a night.  I always have  Shrimp Florentine and a benedryl : ).  I have a feeling I’ll be taking a lot o benedryl these next few weeks with all the eating out.  Last night I had nothing I could wear that felt okay on my skin.  Just the sheets felt okay.. It’s such an icky feeling.

I forgot to tell you about Becky’s daughter’s family and something cool that they do.  They have a basement full of Lego towns and airports and trainstations.  There must be over a million lego pieces in their basement.  It’s very cool and apparently there are conventions for people who build things with legos. Interesting passion.  Love it.

Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with Betsy and Laura. They are my fiber and golf buddies. We’ll do a little walking around Bisbee which is like going to the gym for an hour because of all the hills you go up and down. Monday we plan on heading to Phoenix. It is supposed to snow here so we may have to watch the weather once again.  One has to be flexible when traveling in the winter.

Ooooo.  Just saw movie trailer “Texas Chainsaw Murders in 3D”   Where’s my scary movie buddy Mitzi!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Naco, AZ”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 01/01/2013 at 12:19 pm #

    Hi J! I don’t think that I could ever watch that movie without you….Even Ginny wouldn’t be up to that and since Don and i have been working on the fallen wood on our land with the chain saw it seems extra scary! We’ll rent it on video sometime when we are together! Sounds like you are having lots of fun. I can’t wait to get to Arizona myself. This cold weather is just not doing it for me anymore….although last night in Cuchara was very lovely and the mountains look great. Have a great new year’s day!

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