Socorro, NM

27 Dec

I think Denny broke records today for how many miles he drove today. 790 miles.  13 hrs and 10 minutes.  I probably slept about  6 of those hours!! In my defense, I did offer a couple of times to drive.  We went through all sorts of temperatures, the highest being 55 degrees.  It will be very cold here in the morning.  We are just about 5 1/2 hours from Naco.

I read one book today, “Oddly Normal”, a true story by the father of a gay son.  It was interesting to read all the different diagnoses the boy was given over the years.  It ended on a good note and I was happy about that, even though I usually don’t like happy ending books.  Don’t ask me why, I guess I don’t think life is like that. Now I’m reading a Stephen White book which will be his last in the series using Alan, the psychotherapist as the main character.  I’ll miss that series.

Why is it when you check in to your motel room and turn on the tv that every channel is on a commercial so you can’t tell what is on that channel right away.  I spend an hour channel surfing until I can see something to watch.

I have extremelyy itchy skin tonight.  Hate to have my clothes touching me.  We stopped and ate at this bar.  I ordered a ribeye and unfortunately it was marinaded in Worchestshire sauce or something like that.  I took a benedryl but sometimes that doesn’t help my irritated skin.  Yeck..

Looking forward to Naco.  We have a tee time for Saturday.  The weather doesn’t look all that great but if it isn’t windy it should be tolerable.

Heard from Aunt Ruth and Meeko and Jumper are fine.


One Response to “Socorro, NM”

  1. Kathy 12/29/2012 at 9:07 am #

    Enjoy your golf today! Sorocco has been the overnight town for Bella and I the last few years. In the past, Bella and I would leave the first of Jan., and Doug had to stay to finish his year-end business with his client. He doesn’t have to do that this year, so we’ll be driving together – and he wants to drive straight thru. Would you believe Bella and I did that one time? Long day for sure. Enjoy the sunshine!!

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