What it takes for me to get packed

26 Dec


The lake had a foggy mist rising from it this morning.  It was only 10 degrees.  I think if you click on the photo it will become bigger.  I have 4,059 views on my blog now.

Finally it looks like we will be able to head out of town.

Today we took Meeko and Jumper over to Auntie Ruths.  We are going to miss them but it will be nice not to have to wrestle with them while traveling, and stop and take them for walks, and holler at them to stop fighting, and not have to pay an extra $10 0r $15 for a motel room, and not have to take a chicken bone out of their mouth while walking around a truck stop, but….we will still miss them bunches.  We also had lunch with Becky from Texas, her daughter and granddaughter and Ruth.  Then we stopped by Billie’s and looked at some of the kids Christmas presents. Elliot’s little trampoline finally got assembled and she is so cute hopping up and down in it.  It looks pretty safe since it has a net guard all around it.  Kyler showed his skills shooting his arrow into a hay bale.  Pretty impressive. We didn’t get home from Topeka until 1:45 so we decided to just leave on Thursday.  I was fretting about how much I was packing so Denny got me another little bag.  We have to pack for both cold and warm weather and golf outfits and bicycle outfits.  Got all of that done.  Tonight I’ve been untangling yarn to take with me and downloading some Itunes.  Both of those chores took me much longer than anticipated but I finally have it all done.  The Itunes thing turned into a big thing because I have too many computer authorized.  Well, how am I to deauthorize when 2 of the computers are gone?  I read where I oculd go to my account page and deauthorize all 5 computers and now I can start over again. I was very happy to find that out. So now I have my yarn all balled up and my music loaded and my pills organized. I’m also taking my dermabrasion machine so Mary and I can look on line to see how it works and we’ll make our faces boootiful for Hawaii.  I may do a whole body microdermabrasion.

We hope to be in Naco by Friday afternoon.  We plan on driving 12 hours tomorrow.  One good thing about not taking the rv is that I can help drive.  We’ll have the back seat set up with a pillow and blankie so we can snooze off and on.  Me more on than off. : 0  I always start out the morning in the back seat and sleep for 3 hours or so.

Prayers for my sister Judy.  She was at the emergency room last night with a major bloody nose.  They had to put this little baloon up her nose to stop.  She said it was really painful, so she is resting the next few days.  She wants prayers that they will be able to fly out on New Year’s eve.  Not sure what flying would do to your nose issues.

One thing I will miss about the holiday season is getting Christmas cards.  It is fun to get mail and hear from everyone.  There are times during the year that I think I’m going to sit down and write notes to people rather than email, but…I never end up doing it. Maybe this year.  Still trying to decide if I am going to give up Pepsi on  New Years Day, during the cruise when I’m sure they will be serving Coke, or wait until my birthday on the 29th next month.

One Response to “What it takes for me to get packed”

  1. Kathy 12/27/2012 at 6:48 am #

    Safe journeys and enjoy Arizona and Hawaii!!

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