Merry Christmas 2012

25 Dec

It seems like such a strange day.  We were initially going to be gone by now, so we didn’t put up tree or anything.  But…it also seems to be okay.  It’s cold out and windy but no snow.  I did see an eagle a little while ago and hoping the little ducks on the lake survive the day with him flying around. It ‘s kind of funny because when they see him they all go under water.  How did ducks learn that an eagle is dangerous and to hide?? We are spending the day at home, maybe doing some packing for Arizona and Hawaii.  I promised Denny some chocolate  chip/peanut butter cookies. Talked to the kids this morning and they were all happy with their presents.  Elliott doesn’t have her little trampoline yet because Billie was up until 2 am trying to figure out how to put it together. Maybe today she’ll get it done.  Elliott will love it because she loves jumping up and down. I am sad that I haven’t talked to KC.  Hopefully that will be something that will repair in 2013.

We went to see “Lincoln” yesterday. Daniel Day Lewis was fabulous as Lincoln, but unfortunately I fell asleep for most of the movie.  The theatre was full and we had to sit down in those extremely close seats. Don’t know if that is what made me drowsy.  But I also slept through “Breaking Dawn” so maybe I can’t go to the movies without being totally caffeined up. Denny really enjoyed it and I did see bits and pieces and Tommy Lee Jones was really great and I think he should get Academy Award for supporting actor. We also watched a pay for view movie called “Trouble with the Curve”.  It was sooooooo predictable it almost pissed me off. I don’t like movies that everything comes out perfect at the end.  Today I’ll probably watch a lot of Lifetime movies. Can’t go wrong with them.

Denny just made my day.  We went to the Masters last spring and bought some things from John Daly and he autographed them for us.  We wanted to have them for the golf tournament.  Well, he couldn’ t find them anywhere.  After all these months he just found them!!!! Merry Christmas.

Time to get productive.  My friend Judy gave me a book called theLanguage of Friendship.  I just opened it a minute ago and here is the quote that was on that page.

“Let us be what we are and speak what we think and in all things keep ourselves loyal to truth and the sacred professions of friendship”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  I like that

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