More tragedy because of guns

17 Dec

Just finished watching the news and 2 policemen were killed tonight in Topeka.  The shooter is still at large but they may have him cornered in downtown Topeka hopefully.  @ more families who’s holiday will be extremely sad.  Not sure what happened.  Apparently there was a suspicious vehicle at the Dillons at 12th and Huntoon.  Police responded and something caused a shootout.

It’s all too much.  So many crazy comments going on out there regarding the Friday shootings.  I actually may do my first unfriend on FB due to some comments that were made today.  I don’t do much on FB but make a post that something has been posted on my blog.   It is so full of just forwarded stuff which I don’t care about.  I also am disappointed that they are putting a few shooting victims on there.  There is one of this little girl.  What upsets me about it is that there were 20 little children, not just one.  They all had a cute smile, they were all wonderful and special.

Denny and I started our day going to the Methodist church in Wamego. It was a nice service.  Lots of young families and their kids. We’ve been going around to different churches. AFter we got home, he finished the doors for the cabinet and I worked on my quilted table runner.  I had stuff all over the dining room table, the counter, the ironing board and a card table.  I was beginning to get glares from Denny and he did remind me that my studio was available again.  I finished up what I could and have picked up all of my little messes so he will be happy in the morning.

Billie and the kids came out last night.  This is what the first 10 minutes was like. 1. I give the boys their little lego kits to build something.  Right off the bat, Kyler rips the plastic bag open and little legos all over the floor. Of course, Jumper things he needs to help pick them up and we get one out of his mouth. 2.  Elliott is in the living room and drops her binky. Next thing we know, Jumper has the binky in his mouth and Elliott is having a cow.  We retrieve it and sterilize it and she is happy again. Note to self to buy Jumper a dog pacifier. 3. Elliott opens her giant Tinkerbell drawing pad with crayons.  Next thing we know, Jumper is in the living room with a half eaten crayon in his mouth.  We retrieve it and don’t think he swallowed any of it. After all of that excitement, everyone calmed down and the boys built there lego things and Elliott went from coloring to playing to acting like a puppy to drawing, etc.  It was a fun few hours. Wish we would have more of them.  Billie’s wound is all but healed.  I was really impressed with how great it looked and without much of a scar.

Heard an interesting idea today to do something in honor of the victims from Friday and I think I’ll add 2 more for the policeman.  In remembrance, do 28 kind things.  Examples, put a little more money in the Salvation Army kettle, call someone who may be needing a call from a friend, call a family member who you might not have talked to for awhile, purchase a gift and put it in one of those boxes that organizations have in businesses to donate to a needy family.

Time for bed, have morning pt appointment.  Justin also goes to the surgeon tomorrow so we’ll find how when his next surgery will be.  I have posted an interesting article up in my Huffington Post Page.  Called “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mom”  A story about a mother who has a mentally ill son and the conflicts she runs into trying to get him help.


2 Responses to “More tragedy because of guns”

  1. Kathy 12/17/2012 at 8:58 am #

    Oh the adventures of Jumper! Glad you had fun times with Billie and your grandkids – and glad Billie’s surgery wound is healing so well – yeah! 28 kind things is a GREAT idea. Too many negatives going on right now, and what a way to get some positive out in the world. I volunteer at the school on Monday afternoons (with K thru 2nd). I meet with the students individually, and they read to me. I already had some treats to give them for Christmas, but I am also going to take a bunch of yarn angels my aunt made, and am going to offer a hug to each one (offering the hug, as I realize not every student will want one.). The hugs will be much more of a treat for me – although they probably won’t realize that!! Hugs to you Bird!

  2. Ron Nocktonick 12/17/2012 at 9:39 pm #

    Guns are not the problem it is the out of control Idiots that have them. Mine have never harmed a soul and never will ——get it—–not the guns……….HELLO. I know I am hard for you to handle — but I am real.. People are the problem. Guns and material things are innocent. Wake Up America. I fought for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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