15 Dec

nook bag

There is a photo of my nook bags.  They will be good for when you travel and can protect them when in your bags. Guess I’ll need to make some masculine looking ones?

As most of you are, it feels weird to be sitting at our little lake house knowing that the families in Newtown are devastated. I was riveted to the television for a few hours yesterday, even though they kept repeating many of the same stories.  Then I got nervous as the day went on because I knew the news reporters would start putting microphones into people’s faces and ask that stupid question “how do you think the families are feeling”. I hate this part of the process of any major tragedies.  Then I start getting cycnical about who are going to be the victims who come out and start telling their story first and get all the attention, knowing that there are many out there who want to keep there feelings private. Who will be in People magazine next week. I am one who will watch if there is a new story about it, or open up a story about it online. I do want to know what happened to this Adam to drive him to do this horrific act. I can’t understand the motive of going to the school after he killed his Mom.  From the beginning, they said the Mother was a teacher and was one of the dead at the school. So then one would think he was going after his Mom. With her not being there, I can’t imagine why he thought he needed to go to the school.  Then we’ll have to go through the endless Gun Control conversations.  I am for gun control but at this point, so many crazy people have their guns already, what does it all matter? I talked to a good friend this summer about gun control and I was shocked about his comment back. He said something to this effect, “I have right to have the kind of weapons that the enemy will have”.  Wow.  I guess I had never talked to an NRA person in real life.  Is that really how they justify having assault weapons?  All I know is that I don’t have any guns anymore because I did some stupid things when I had them in my hands and I lived with people who were stupid with their guns.

Still suffering with stomach issues.  I know this may be too much information but it seems like everything has come to a halt and won’t make a left turn?

Denny has put his shorts back on for the day.  Haven’t seen his legs for about 5 days now.

Having some fun chatter on emails regarding upcoming bicycle trip in New Mexico this July.

Off to the cutting board to cut many squares.

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One Response to “Saturday”

  1. Deek 12/15/2012 at 1:41 pm #

    You’ve been talking to an NRA member for years J, believe it or not we’re mostly normal and reasonable people. The people that do these things are not NRA.

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