Horrific News

14 Dec

Just watching the news regarding the Connecticut shooting of school children.  It is soooo horrific.  Details are just coming out as of noon today. How incredibly sad for so many families.  How will the little children forget this.  God, please help these families through their grief and pain. Amen

It’s such a dreary day today and this news makes it drearier.

I’ve got some sort of stomach bug.  Think I may have got it from Elliott and Cade.  Apparently there is something going around.  We are hoping Denny doesn’t come down with it because we are going to Arkansas Wednesday.  We don’t want to take any germs down with us to see Mom and Juli.  So anxious to see both of them.

Was happy to be hear for the Christmas holidays, but bummed about stomach thing. Had to miss a gathering last night and will miss a party tonight and was supposed to have all the grandkids over this weekend and had to cancel that.   Rats.

Trying to decide what project I would like to do today.  Denny moved in the cabinet he built yesterday.  It was a little scary watching him move it inside as it is very tall, but as always, he managed to get it in without it squishing him.

Jumper is a chronic licker.He licks everything in the house, the furniture, blankets, my clothes, his feet, his toys, Meeko’s ears. He especially likes to lick the divan.  I looked up “dog licking too much”on the internet.  It sounds like an anxiety disorder.  Said that medication may help.  I really don’t want him to be on antidepressants, so I am working with him verbally to see if we can get him to stop.  So….there is a lot of “stop licking, stop licking, good boy” going on.

Off to a project.


One Response to “Horrific News”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 12/14/2012 at 5:42 pm #

    very sad about the school shooting. Can’t seem to stop watching it and thinking about the horror of shooting little children to death. Makes me think about Ashley and how much she loves her kids. You just never know……

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