The Nutcracker and other tidbits

2 Dec

Just returned from seeing the Nutcracker at TPAC.  I can never get enough of the “Nutcracker” during the holidays.  I like to go to it in person and watch it on TV and listen to the music. I love everything about it. Billie and I used to be in the Nutcracker for several years.  She started as a soldier and worked up to the Doll, The Snow Scene, Waltz of the Flowers.  I was a maid and Mother Ginger and would get the programs ready for printing. Stephanie Heston, who is the same age as Billie, became a professional ballerina and has returned to Topeka with her husband and opened up the Kansas Ballet Academy.  This was her first production.  Very impressed.

After the ballet, I thought I would pickup my migraine prescription.  I’ve had several these last few weeks and had run out of my pills called Maxalt.  I generally only need one or 2 a year.  When I got to Walgreens the clerk asked me if I wanted it on my Express Pay and I said yes.  He said that will be $567.  I said “What??????????”  He repeated the amount and I said I am coming inside. When I asked again about the amount he said that was correct and it was for 12 pills!!!!! Are you kidding me.  I rejected the order and will decide what to do for migraine medicine when needed.  I used to have a good prescription plan where I just paid my copay of around $30 so really never knew how much insurance covered.  I’ve been caught off guard a couple of times for stomach medicine, hormone patches and now Maxalt.  Wow.  Those 3 medications have no generics.  I will try to keep my migraines at bay by not getting too crazy about issues and hopefully I’ll be home where I can just bury my head under the covers if I get one.

I feel a little more in the Christmas spirit.  Actually would like to maybe have an open house but I’ve learned this month that is not easy to make a plan much more than an hour or so ahead.  Am totally motivated again to get into the studio and have started a major clean up and reorganization of it.  I need to have a sewing space so it’s time to toss.

Denny and Mary are trying to get tickets to the Fiesta Bowl.  Very exciting football game last night even for one who really doesn’t pay much attention. They were pretty wound up about it this morning so hopefully it will work out, especially since we are in Phoenix at that time.

May have sold the Mustang.  A couple at the lake took it for a test drive and it is now sitting in their driveway.  We haven’t heard from them.  I don’t think I said it was free. : ) I really like them and it will be a fun car for them.



3 Responses to “The Nutcracker and other tidbits”

  1. Kathy 12/03/2012 at 8:16 am #

    Learned something new about JBird today, didn’t know you and Billie were into ballet – and especially the Nutcracker. Neat! And, I’m with you on the prescription crap. It has gotten more than ridiculous. When my poision ivy was so bad, and finally went to the doctor -she gave me a steroid cream. Went to pick it up and it was $220 (after insurance), and it was for 4 tubes! After I fell over, and then told them I didn’t need that much. After another long wait, finally got two tubes of cream at $110. Just ridiculous. (Then, on top of it – I was allergic to the cream and had the two most miserable nights after that. Ugh)

    Back to ballet, my honorary niece has been in the Nutcracker in KC for the last five years. She is 13 now, and she just got her pointe shoes a few months ago. Ballet has been so good for her!

  2. ruth 12/04/2012 at 10:22 am #

    I remember being awed back in those days watching you both in a couple of those performances. Also remember Billie getting blood poisoning in her leg once from her shoes ?? wow….glad you still enoy it.

    • Mitzi Keairns 12/10/2012 at 11:33 am #

      Hi J! The Nutcracker sounds fun. I got to see a wonderful production of it years ago and loved it too. I forgot that fun piece of J history! Keep telling you that you need to write a book!! Don is off to Denver today so I am going into wrapping mode! Perfect time for him to be gone so he won’t know how much stuff I bought! ha ha! I also have not decorated my tree yet because I lost the damn lights in the basement (imagine that possibility!) We replaced all of the old ones last year and I put yhe new ones away someplace where I could find them again!!! Right Mitz! Anyway I have all of the rest of the decorating done and the old place looks pretty festive. I will attack the tree this afternoon It snowed all day yesterday and its very cold but it makes me get into the spirit. I have a party tonight, Thursday, Sunday, next Thursday and next Saturday. Busy and fun month! Jamie has finals this week and next then they will pick Ashley up at the airport and all will arrive here on the 22nd. Can’t wait! Ash is doing amazing well. It really feels like a miracle to me to think about the way she was last year at this time. Well off to my many projects! Hope that you have a great day too!

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