Back at the Lake

1 Dec

Was able to come home yesterday afternoon.  Billie got some good news regarding her “wound”.  I’m not sure of the proper term for what it is other than calling it “really icky”.  She went to a plastic surgeon.  He has her taking a shower twice a day to wash it and then puts Polysporin on it.  She’ll do it for 1 week and then he’ll check to see how it is doing and hopefully she can have her skin graft soon after that. He said she’ll have a gnarly scar but she isn’t supposed to go sleeveless anymore anyway due to the cancer.

I’m glad I don’t have to change bandages as of now but am glad to know that if need be I can do it. I have a whole new found respect for the wound care clinics.  What they must experience on a day to day basis is amazing.

Meeko and Jumper have been on my lap a lot since I have been home.  I think the consensus is that animals don’t have emotional feelings but I don’t think that is true.

Still not on the top of my game emotionally, (am I ever), but hope a few days at home will perk me up.  Denny did a really cool thing in my studio. We were having a problem heating and cooling the room because the counter top. So..he and Harold cut a part away and put a hinge on it and now I can lift it up and turn on the unit and keep the top up so the heat or air can get out into the room.  It was quite a job because Denny had to move half of the counter top and the sink over to Harold’s house and bring it back and hook the sink back up. Is it possible for us to do anything the Christmas Shoppe was set up beautifully too.  Hate to not be part of it, but actually we are usually gone by this time of the year.  Denny is helping with parking duty tonight.

Not quite in the Christmas spirit, but maybe will be. We are still up in the air with upcoming plans to see how both Billie and Justin’s surgeries happen and how they turn out.

Last night we had a full moon and the reflection on the lake was so beautiful.  Usually I just see the reflection of the light on the lake but last night the whole moon was reflecting on the water. Just like it was a mirror.  Stunning.


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