Nurse Jbird, cont’d

29 Nov

The wound changing saga continues.  Yesterday we went to the wound care clinic to have things checked out. I can’t believe that someone can work around wounds all the time.  I guess some of them can be HUGE. Billie’s is a little bigger than a golf ball and 5 ml deep.  The decision was made yesterday to do a skin graft.  Not quite sure when it will happen, but fairly quickly.  apparently this wound could take at least 2 months to heal.  The skin graft will make it heal faster barring any further infections. Today we both screamed during the  changing of the bandages.  That was a first.  Some changes are a little more dramatic than others.

Yesterday we took a little break and went to see Breaking Dawn part II.  Unfortunately, I had been having a back spasm all day so when we got to the movie, I took a muscle relaxer.  It made me soo drowsy that I slept through half the movie and also had a big craving for a bag of starburst.  I did manage to stumble down to snack bar and get a bag, but these are sooo bad for me and they make me itch.  We made it home, Billie driving of course, and Kyle had a heating pad on the bed for me all warmed up.  I climbed into bed then and stayed there until this morning.  It did the trick and I”m  moving around better today.

They had a busy night with Grandma Birdie in bed.  I woke up to the Christmas tree up and decorated.  It’s very pretty.  Billie loves to decorate for the holiday.

Denny brought us in some homemade stew. We also have homemade veggie soup and someone brought chili last night.  That makes dinner time so easy.

My physical therapy on my feet continues.  Will be interesting  to see how it feels soon.  So far the therapy feels pretty good but no difference regarding how long I can stand or walk.  She thinks I should feel a difference next week.

Justin is handling is physical therapy and the kids are holding up nicely.


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