Nurse Jbird

27 Nov

Whew. I am doing something I thought I would never be able to do.  I am changing the dressing on Billies infected incision.  It is a butt pucker, let me tell you.  It is very painful and queasy for Billie.  She takes a pain pill 30 minutes before and a nausea pill.  Today, I freaked.  The packing was a little dry and when I pulled it out a pool of blood goes rolling down her back.  As soon as I got it repacked I was on the phone with the hospital nurse.  She said it was okay but we are both happy that we are going to the wound care clinic tomorrow.  I may be fired!! I hope not.

Justin started his physical therapy today and once he gets better mobility he’ll have his surgery, approximately 4 weeks. I am now staying with Billie at her house.  Billie and I sleep in the bed and Justin is in the recliner.

I have started my physical therapy on my feet.  I’ve actually resorted to using the electric carts at stores so I don’t have to walk so far. It does help. Today I had to pick up little balls with my feet and move them and scrunch towels with my toes.  Now why that has made my feet feel like hell, I don’t know.  So all in all, Billie, Justin and I are in a totally decrepid household.

The kids are handling it.  Miss Elliott is just pretty darn fun.  She has her moments, but all in all she is very easy to watch.

Good news today. Juli gets to come home to Arkansas for Christmas!!! That is such happy news.  I hope we’ll be able to go down and spend a day with her.  Mom says her home health physical therapist is wearing her out but he’s trying to make her legs stronger.

I can’t remember if I have written this, but, because of all of the family issues I am now closer to sisters, niece, grandkids and Billie and I are finally spending some time together that we have always wanted to do.  Blessings among the chaos.

2 Responses to “Nurse Jbird”

  1. Judy Knoll 11/27/2012 at 10:50 pm #

    So good that you can find the positive in all the tough times!

  2. Erin 12/05/2012 at 10:46 pm #

    Hang in there my friend. Sometimes, you really have to dig to find that silver lining, but it sounds like you are doing just that. i hope that everyone continues to mend and get stronger.

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