Paducah, KY

15 Nov

Denny are on our way to Holiday Island, AR by way of Paducah, KY.  Main reason to be here was to visit the Quilt Museum.  What a fabulous museum, (I know, most of you know that I hate museums), but this was different.  I didn’t have to read a lot of stuff.  I just had to admire true works of art in the way of quilts.  Even Denny thought it was interesting.  I did purchase a couple of quilt books but nothing else.  We stopped at Hancock’s which is a gigantic fabric store.  Never have been in one so big.  I didn’t purchase any material because I already have 2 projects to work on, but my creative juices were out of control and it took a couple of hours to get my heart to quit racing.

Our 4 days in Gatlinburg was fun.  The place we stayed in was so perfect for everyone.  You won’t believe this but today was the first time I had even stepped outside since Monday. I almost had cabin pallor.  I was totally content to just stay inside, stay off of my feet and work on the puzzles and play cards.  We finished 4 500 piece puzzles and Claire, Marsha and Cinda will probably finish the 1000 piece puzzle today.  Had 1 night I was up unitl 2 and 1 night up until 1.  Claire also stayed up late with me. The group did go on the zipline and thouroughly enjoyed it. I stayed home.. But…my friend Judy is going to set us up a zipline tour in Hawaii while we are there in January. This cabin we stayed in also had a theatre room.  Seating for 8.  We watched “Snow White and the Huntsman”.  Actually a pretty good movie. We were on our way this morning at 9 and we gained an hour which we liked.  I once again had another stomach episode last night with hives included.  Have decided I need to stay away from beef for awhile because it always happens after I eat the beef. Card game total: Brad-Lawrence 6  J-Noreen 2 or 3. Can’t remember. I have known Noreen for 4 years now and I still call her Claire.  I hate that I do that.

Looking forward to seeing my Mom tomorrow. I’m assuming that as of now-6:30 pm- Jolene has moved her back home.  This morning I talked to Jolene and there were a couple of unknowns but it did seem like that they were going to release her today.  I’m sure she is a little nervous about being on her own again, but we think she will be fine.   I think we will be there mid afternoon tomorrow.

Nothing else earthshattering going on.  Looking forward to getting home.   Cannot believe that next week is Thanksgiving.  We plan on having our family over.  Billie has to work so it will be an evening meal. Also next weekend I get to go see “Breaking Dawn Part 2”.  I also want to see “Lincoln”.

Missing the puppies. I think Ruth has had her hands full with them so she will be glad to give them back.  She said that Meeko and Cosmo butt heads a lot and have to go to timeout a few times.  Of course Jumper is totally innocent.

Stars are a little out of alignment again but my mojo is still strong.

One Response to “Paducah, KY”

  1. ruth 11/15/2012 at 7:52 pm #

    these puppies are so stinkin’ funny…they are all in their favorite spots; which of course changes many times a day. Jumper is chewing on something (yeah, Mr. Innocent 😉 I say “Jumper what are you doing? ” now mind you the other two were fast asleep; Jumper leaps about 3 feet right into my lap with object still in mouth and the other two come flying because obviously Jumper MIGHT get something to eat and they MIgHT miss out. then CHaOS for 60 seconds or so……lol Jumper is watching basketball as we speak….oh no…. the Jayhawks ….YIkES

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