Bryson City, NC

11 Nov

Have any of you been on the Tail of the Dragon, also known as Hwy. 129 in North Carolina.  It is hairpin turns, hilly, not guard rails, treelined and about 27 miles.  I know several of our friends, including Denny have ridden their motorcycles on that road. Yesterday we were the ol’ fogies that had to keep pulling over to let cars and motorcycles go by. That felt a little weird for us.  Lots of motorcyclists were racing around both directions.  A business venture of photographers set up on various curves.  They would take your photo as you come around and then I assume you go on their website and purchase of photo.  Why they took our photo every time, I’ll never know.  Like I really want to see a photo of us driving our truck on a road???

We arrived at the Calhoun House in Bryson City around 4.  What a wonderful Inn and it was fun listening to Ed tell us how they did the various remodels.  It was built in the 1920’s and is 2 stories.  Wrap around porches with many rocky chairs. Their view is of the little town and of the beautiful tree filled mountains. We just missed the fall colors. The rooms are on the top floor and they live downstairs.  We can hear the scenic trains whistles. They have also built a cabin that will open later. Our suite is the Movie Suite. Lots of memorablia, fireplace, full kitchen, wonderful bed, 2 tv’s. Good planning on their part as they don’t have to serve breakfast.  Key codes on the doors so no need for them to have to stay around 24/7. Pretty smart planning.   Last night we had dinner at a cafe that actually had gluten free crepes!!  Their son Mark joined us. He has a cool business venture too.  He designs tourist maps.  Really impressive.  We’ll use the one he designed for the Gatlinburg area.  We chatted with Ed for a couple of hours. He always gets me wound up and I talk way too much and too fast.  Ed went to pick up his wife Shirley at the airport, so we settled in our room and watch KState win again.  I have been going to sleep sooo early the last few nights.  9:30 last night.

Plan today is to walk around Bryson City and then head to Gatlinburg this afternoon.  Our check in time is 4 pm.  Anxious to see everyone and have a fun week.  One downer is it looks like the rain is heading our way a little sooner than we thought.  More time for card games and yakkin’.  Knitting clubhead covers so maybe I’ll get a few of them done.

Happy Sunday everyone.


One Response to “Bryson City, NC”

  1. ruth 11/11/2012 at 8:22 am #

    Sounds like a wonderful place to be…very romantic 🙂 if nothing else those pix could be ‘proof’ in case you need an alibi for any reason lol btw….thunderstorms here during the night here….everyone survived even though they didn’t think they would. i had to go outside with them this morning dressed like a WalMartian because they would not believe it was all clear lol I really do LOVE these puppies 🙂

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