Belated Whiny Wednesday

7 Nov

My best fellowette whiner was soo disappointed that I had not posted yet.  She will be posted in the comments because

#1. My feet.  I actually was being proactive today.  Went to my foot doctor this morning with hopes of a laser surgery available for my issues.  Not happening.  After a 10 minute dissertation on what one has to go through just to have foot surgery for tarsal tunnel/plantar fascitis, I was very discouraged and seeing life once again in chronic pain.  New plan is for physical therapy when we get to AZ. In the meantime, 3 cortisone shots.  Last time I had them, no problem. I did take a valium and the shots didn’t even hurt.  This time, no valium, 2 nerves hit and intense pain and burning for a few minutes.  Many tears, some from pain, some from frustration.  Now, numbness is wearing off, pain setting in. At least all I have to do is pack for our trip which begins tomorrow.

#2. From Erin-Today I do NOT look forward to the number of times I will be asked “What do you think of the election?” It really doesn’t matter what I think and if you don’t like what I have to say it’s just going to cause a problem, because, after all, I’ve noticed people tend to be very biligerent (spelled wrong I know, but no coffee yet and no interest on continuing to try and figure it out) about the subject.
(Btw this should be on Whiny Wednesday but it wasn’t up and going yet)

That’s the whines for today.

We ran several errands in Topeka, one being the Harley store.  I was sitting int he truck and saw a Sons of Silence rider come out of the store.  I haven’t seen one of those patches forever.  Back in motorcycle/ABATE days, I used to know a few of them. (not in the biblical way!) Now I’m watching back to back episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

Meeko and Jumper are with Auntie Ruth for a week and a half. We were also able to take some clothes, bedding,toiletries and coats to her. She has a friend who is driving items to her family members whose home burnt down and another who lives on Staten Island.  We never donate to Red Cross because of how much the CEO makes a year, I hear now it is $650,000.  Also, there are too many stories of people donating their hard earned money to fundraisers for disasters and the money not getting to the people who are suffering.  We experienced this firsthand when we went Mississippi for a mission. The only one we trust is the United Methodist Church’s UMCOR.  100% goes to the disaster victims.

I have posted a new page with an article out of the Huffington Post. It is under title Huffington Post items.

That’s it for now.  The next week and a half may be sketchy due to sometimes having problems getting wireless when we travel.  Hope that won’t be the case.







4 Responses to “Belated Whiny Wednesday”

  1. E Rush 11/07/2012 at 6:43 pm #

    Awww….I feel so special. HOWEVER, surprisingly, it was not until my final customer of the day that I was asked that question. I could NOT believe it. Which then gave me the new whine that I was, in fact, incorrect with how my whole day was going to go. I hate being incorrect.

    The eye infection I had in my left eye suddenly late, late this afternoon found it’s way into my right eye. (The good news is, I have the drops I’ve been using for the left eye), so hopefully there will be enough to treat both for several more days.

    One of my good friends (who is a truck driver) came in today, and I worry he may not make it through November at the rate he is going. He did make it through the afternoon which was a good sign, because this morning I wasn’t sure he was going to last that long.

    I hate stretch marks (and wrinkles).

    I hate that I get hungry at 10:45 p.m

    I hate that I eat at 10:45 p.m. because I am hungry.

  2. Judy Knoll 11/07/2012 at 8:47 pm #

    I hate that every time I return home on an airplane, I get a cold a couple days later. Home Sunday, started feeling bad yesterday afternoon and hit full strength today – just in time for whiny Wednesday. Thank goodness you posted today, J, so I could whine about how lousy I feel!

  3. Vicki 11/07/2012 at 10:32 pm #

    My day started with whining about the election…..I am really worried about the health care of for me, who does have a serious illness and have been turned down for insurance, but luckily now I have had time to accept what I have known for the last four years and can/will/try to deal with it. Maybe we ned a thankful Thursday?

    • jbirdworldblog 11/07/2012 at 11:26 pm #

      We could have thankful Thursday. I was actually thinking about that. I also hope for a change in health care and hopefully something will change for the better. One of these days I won’t be covered and also will not be able to get insurance.

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