Day to get organized, right after I post

5 Nov

I have had 2,191 views Since Sept 24 and am now averaging 6o viewers a day.  Thanks everybody.

It’s amazing how long it takes me to get going in the morning.  I was up at 7, it’s 9:10 am and all I’ve done is eat breakfast, do computer stuff and now posting.  I will get something done today.  One thing that took me so long was I was trying to order some shirts off of Robbie Biershienk’s website.  He is a golfer who is trying to make it on the PGA.  He is selling shirts that say “SHANK”.  Of course we had to each have one. By the time I got registered, updated my PayPal, changed passwords and email addresses, an hour had gone by.  Did get them ordered and looking forward to wearing them in Naco.  Speaking of golf.  This week we head toward Gatlinburg, TN.  On the way we are going to play golf in Franklin, KY which is Kenny Perry’s golf course.  Maybe he’ll be there since the Champions tour is over.  From there we go to our friend Scarecrow’s inn.  We’re going to spend the night there. It is located in North Carolina.  Scarecrow is an artist who travels the country painting designs on  motorcycles, cars, helmets, etc.  he’s done several designs on our things, the latest being on my bicycle. He painted all the mountain passes that I went over last year in Colorado.  From there we will be in Gatlinburg to hook up with several couples for a week in a 9 bedroom cabin. Not exactly roughing it, but it sounds very cool.  Several hottubs, game room, huge kitchen and near several trails and sights.

We had a fun evening having dinner with Lawrence and Cinda in Manhattan.  We ate at the, why can’t I remember anything,  maybe it was called the Little Inn? We drove the VW over and I am finally getting into 5th gear but it isn’t easy.  We did discover that the passenger seat folds all the way down flat.  It reminded me of a time my girlfriend Sherry and I went on a trip in her Volkswagon and we slept all night in it.  Oh to be young again.

Jumper is so funny. He does not like this time change. He is like me and doesn’t like to get up in the morning.  Today, he stayed in bed after I got up.  Denny went in to wake him up to get him outside.  He jumped off the bed, but jumped right back up to go back to sleep.  Almost had to drag him outside to go potty.  He has been asleep since he came back in.

OK. I’m done.  Going to get dressed and get some things DONE!


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