Weird Day

4 Nov


First photo is my 2000 Mustang GT.. For sale for $6000.   Second photo is my new 1999 Beetle.  Love it.

I’m having a weird day.  Kind of a spaced out Sunday.  Really wanted to go to church this morning.  Got up and dressed and was out the door by a little after 8.  After filling the car, I headed toward Topeka.  While driving, I needed to adjust the back of my seat.  When I did that, I folded!  I drove like that for several miles until I cold pull over.  Once I got the seat situated, I was ready to take off. No seatbelt.  It was hanging outside the door.  Seat belt back on and then beautiful broach I had on to keep my sweat closed broke.  I couldn’t cuss because I was on my way to church, but I really wanted to. Made it to church in time and enjoyed the singing.  They use a screen and have a live band.  It was quite energizing and I enjoyed the music. Fairlawn Heights is the name of the church. My friend Chuck and Cindy attend there.

After church, I ran over to the Expo Center for Cade’s hockey game.  He is now in the league that uses the full ice.  The kids skate for around 2 minutes and then they get a break. It’s fun to watch but I need to find out the rules so I know what is going on.

Last night our friend Larry helped me put my Mustang on Craigslist. (Does anyone else get the heebie jeebies when they hear the word Craigslist?)  We uploaded the photos and posted the ad.  This morning I kept thinking about the ad and thought I’d better double check it.  I was thinking that I had posted the wrong phone numer, which I had! What was weird is all of a sudden I couldn’t remember my number. Had to look it up in contacts.  Jeeeeeeez.  One weird thing you do on Craigslist to prevent spam callers is to put your number and then spell out the last digit. i.e. XXX-XXX-O61four.  Interesting.  It will also be interesting to see if I get any calls now.  Hope so.

I have the achy’s today.  Both of my arms, elbows, thumbs and legs ache. Whoops, forgot this isn’t Whiny Wednesday.


One Response to “Weird Day”

  1. Vicki 11/05/2012 at 10:43 am #

    Be careful on Craigslist!! We put my brothers’ car for sale on there and only got two replies – both of them spams. In both cases they wanted to have “agents” come pick up the car as one was overseas in the military and one was purchasing it for his father and lived out of state. I know oher people have great luck…..but I probably will not use it again!

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