Got to kick it in gear

2 Nov

I’m almost overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.  Like…maybe I should be in the motorhome instead of blogging….I am out there right after I am done. Actually I was able to get quite a bit done yesterday.  Today, my main project is cleaning out all of the cupboards so that we can be a little more organized when we get to Arizona.

I have this new laptop and it does strange things.  Like just now my whole screen was smaller and then I just readjusted my hands and the screen got bigger.  What did I do?

Drove home the new used little yellow VW Beetle.  It is so fricking cute.  My friend Nancy who originally owned called it Tweety Bird.  There are Tweety Bird floormats and and Tweety Bird sticker and….Tweety Bird key ring.  There is a vase of flowers off of the dashboard.  It has a spoiler and a carpeted dashboard!  It drove so nicely except I can’t seem to get into 5th gear. The only thing that I need to do quickly is remove a campaign sticker off the back bumper.  Yes….this soon to be 60 year old is driving a standard again. Haven’t done that since….I don’t know when.

Now it’s time to get serious about selling the Mustang.  Year 2000, V-8, black convertible top, real black leather seats, over 120,000 miles, automatic.. It’s a Pepsi blue.  Very cool car. $6,000. Blue Book is $6500.

Good news on the home front.  Have had a couple of good conversations with my son which is so wonderful.

Time to get moving. I was up until after 2 last night so got a late start this morning.



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