Back in Springfield, MO

29 Oct

After a long 2 days of traveling, we arrived in Springfield about 5 this afternoon.  Judy and I had fun playing cards, reading, playing words with friends, napping. We did fix sandwiches, but other than that we were pretty useless.  We did get hollered at by Denny a few times to help with navigation. I actually found an out of the way rv park last night called Sleepy Holler in Jasper, AL.  RV parks were far and few between.  We had to get off the interstate and travel about 6 miles, but it was worth it.  I asked the camp host how much it would be when I called him.  He said it was $35 plus 9% lodging tax. He asked if we were Good Sam members and I said yes.  Then he said take 10% off. So….with my brilliant brain…I asked how much is it then??? He said it will tell you how to figure it out on the check in sheet.  My brain went into overload and I couldn’t figure out what it would be.  Denny said it would still be about $35 Bird!! I went #%^&* DUH!!!!!!

Mom is looking good and strong.  Just a short visit with her this evening, but tomorrow we are running down to Holiday Island to get her mail.  Then I’ll see her in the afternoon and come back and watch Dancing with the Stars with her.

Heading to the shower and chill out with some tv.  Reading a good book, different for me.  It’s called “Redeeming Love” by Francis Rivers.  Juli recommended it to me.

Feels different to be in cooler weather.  Thankfully I was able to fit into my jeans and not have to go up a size.  That would have pissed me off. I do know that if homelessness is in the future for Denny and I, Florida is the place to be. I think I’ll have a secret account with enough gas money saved up so if we are broke, we can at least get to Florida.

Juli made it through her first treatments today.  She said she feels okay today. Please keep her in your prayers.


One Response to “Back in Springfield, MO”

  1. Emily 11/01/2012 at 9:06 am #

    I also get hollered at to help with navigation, but then I don’t get asked what exit do we need until it is too late to exit. I just wish the driver would look at the map to see where he wants to go and have some idea about it before getting on the road. Glad you are closer to home. Love the picture of your Mom and Denny. What an amazing lady!

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