It’s Bittersweet leaving Florida

28 Oct

The winds have quieted and we are getting an early start to head out of our little Narcoossee campground.  We felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy for 2 days. That’s our first hurricane winds we’ve been in.  I still think our Colorado winds were stronger at times.

We finished up all of our projects yesterday for Juli and her family.  Everything came out beautiful. I will post photos later.  Juli is so happy with how everything turned out.  She is especially happy with her little bathroom.  Yesterday Judy and I finished up reupholstering a rocking chair and foot stool.  That was fun to do.

Jonathon and Lacey were going to a Trunk or Treat last night so we were able to see them in their costumes. Lacey was a cowgirl and Jonathon was Spiderman.  Lacey was so cute when she was told she could put on her costume.  She said “You mean it’s Halloween?? We can go Trick or Treat??? She was jumping up and down.

It was sad giving Juli a big hug and telling her good bye last night.  Her body is frail but her mind is strong.  I enjoyed getting to know her and having our visits on various subjects.  It was good to get the projects done since she begins her chemo and radiation on Monday.  She was told that she really won’t have too many side affects with the chemo yet because it is just assisting her radiation at this point. She does radiation for 5 weeks, 5 days a week. Chemo, just 1 day a week. They also told her she won’t feel badly with the radiation, but after a couple of weeks, she may feel extremely tired. No hair loss with this part of her treatment. Please keep her in your prayers as the next 6 months will be all about getting rid of the cancer in her body.

It was a very fulfilling trip.  Judy is going home for the first time since Sept. 1st. Juli has her sister Marjay staying until Wednesday. A friend is coming in for a week right after that, then Judy and Marvin are driving back down to stay with her. Judy and Marvin are riding home with us. That will be fun.  Judy and I like to play cards, so we can do that while traveling and Marvin can co-pilot with Denny.  We hope to  make it a 2 day trip to Springfield if possible. We’re getting an early start today.  Yeah, we will be driving back into Central Time Zone.

I can’t remember if I posted this, but my Mom was walking without a walker. I don’t know how long she does it for yet, but it will be wonderful to see her so she can demonstrate everything she is able to do now.

I’m so glad to be back blogging.  I love the comments and think it is fun doing the 25 things list. I may upgrade the website so that I have a few more options.  I like the site so far and it’s capabilities,

Our friend Peggy drove our VW Bug from La Veta to Kansas for us this week.  That saves us a trip to Colorado, although we were going to ride the train. Denny and I haven’t done that together yet. Save that for another day and another adventure.

There was an earthquake off the west coast of Canada.  It hit the Charlotte Islands.  My besties in Bisbee have a home there. I’m anxious to talk to her today to see if they have heard of any damages.  It was a big earthquake.  They have already made it to Bisbee.

Time to fold up the rv and get movin’. GO KState.  I think they will become #1 soon.  World Series is boring.


2 Responses to “It’s Bittersweet leaving Florida”

  1. Kathy 10/28/2012 at 7:56 am #

    Wishing you safe journeys home, and I bet it was hard leaving Juli and her family. Many prayers for Juli as she starts her treatments tomorrow. Wishing her the very best.

    And, so glad your Mom is getting around so well and without the walker. I remember the morning you got the call – and the doctor was not wanting to do the surgery because of her age. Ha- she showed him!!

    Enjoy your card playing on the road!

  2. E Rush 10/28/2012 at 9:17 am #

    Be safe in your travels. I’m glad to hear your mom is doing well. She sounds like a strong lady! Hoping that things go well for Juli. I am sure they are all so thankful for your help. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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