I am woman!

25 Oct

I did something yesterday that I have never done. I resurfaced and painted a bathtub. Have any of you done that? It’s a lot of work. I used an electric sander for the first time. When I first started the project, I didn’t realize how much dust it would generate. So off we went for about our 1,000 trip to a store for masks and rubber gloves. When we returned, I began the project again. I spent about an hour sanding.  Next, after rinsing the tub, (thankfully Judy was my assistant and dried the tub for me several times), you wipe the tub with this prep that you have to wear rubber gloves.  Then….you have to scrub the tub a couple of times with a wire scrubber, can’t remember what that is called.  After filling my lungs and nose with dust, even though I did have the mask on, it was time to use the fumiest paint I have ever used.  I put on the first coat. I needed to go outside and take breaths of fresh air several times.  Finally, I was done. Then I thought I better read the instructions again. Thank God  I did because I thought I would be able to let it dry until the morning. Nooooo, you have to put the 2nd coat on within 4 hours or else you have to wait for 72 hours to apply the 2nd coat. It is now 6:30. Took the Denny Poo home and went back. The fumes were freaking  me out so I was glad the 2nd coat went quicker.  It only took about 40 minutes. Glad we are in Florida and could have windows open throughout the house.  It actually seems to be a pretty good product and the tub looked nice.  Now, not sure how long it lasts and things like that, but definitely worth a try before purchasing a new tub. I made it home in time for my shows, Law and Order:SVU, Nashville, and Criminal Minds. I only made it through 1 show.  I went to sleep of thoughts that I was going to come down with Mesothelioma.  I always think that when I do sanding of any kind, even when I am cleaning greenware.

Yesterday morning Juli wanted me to show her how to Face Time. I said no problem, it’s easy.  I got on my Iphone and said all you have to do is press Face Time and go.  Well, it didn’t go.  So I tried a different way and when I clicked on a different Face Time button, I saw “me”.  So I told Juli to do the same thing and she saw herself, so I said that is how it works. But she says, “I don’t see you, I see me.”  So I said “just a minute, take my phone and give me your phone”.  The she started laughing so hard. She said, “Now I see me on your phone”.. OMG, we weren’t even doing anything right and finally after being hysterical for awhile, I thought I would look online to see how Face time works. You have to have wireless, which we don’t have.  Maybe it was one of those things you had to be there but sometimes my brain is so nuts and that was before I was inhaling fumes!

Great news from Mom.  She is walking without a walker!!! Amazing, awesome, incredible, stupendous, etc..  I think she is going to end up in better shape that any of the rest of the family.  Looking forward to seeing her in a couple of days.

Talked to Billie today.  She said Cade, grandson who is 9 in 4th grade, asked his teacher if he could go see the school counselor.  She asked him why.  He said “‘I’m feeling under appreciated”.  Off he went to the counselor.  The teacher said that when she is asking questions in the class that he always has his hand up to answer but that she can’t always call on him and he didn’t understand that, but we think he does now.  He is something else, that Cade.  His vocabulary is off the charts.

Have never been near a hurricane area.  Right now hurricane Sandy is barreling our way apparently.  I think we will be gone before it comes ashore, but it did make me wonder if there are hurricane covers for motorhome windows??


2 Responses to “I am woman!”

  1. Judy 10/25/2012 at 1:47 pm #

    And an incredible woman at that! Enjoyed your Face Time story. My sister and I experimented with that a couple months ago and got a big kick out of seeing each other talking on the phone – amazing technology if we can only figure it out!!

  2. Kathy 10/25/2012 at 7:24 pm #

    You go Bird! Way to refurbish the tub – and again, how nice of you to do that for Juli and her family. I was laughing out loud at your facetime story, and switching phones! Only you!! (Kinda reminded me of a story from the first time I did the bike ride across Iowa, and I was with Richie and Rick Higgs. About mid-week, we lost each other in one of the small towns – I headed out down the road – and they didn’t have my cell number (this was a long time ago). So, they called Doug at work to ask him to call me. (Story 2 to follow about that phone call). Anyway, we hooked back up several towns later and Richie said he couldn’t remember Doug’s toll free phone number, so he would remember 800, and Rick and I were to each remember parts of the remaning number – and between the three of us, we would have Doug’s number.! I had to remind Richie that if we were all together and could put the number together – we didn’t need a number for Doug! Story # 2 – when Rick called Doug he said “we lost Kathy” – Doug said “how much do I owe you!!” (yeah, real funny Doug)

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