Wabaunsee Pines Golf Course-It’s worth the drive to play there

20 Oct
The course is breathing new life today.   New irrigation was put in on the approaches to hole 1 and 5’s greens.  Ten loads of soil was delivered, spread, seeded, and then fertilized (along with all fairways).  # 2 tee box was extended and sodded.  Lots of appreciated help on some miserably windy and cold days.  Di Martinek, Steve Schlagel, Vernon Breeden, Phil Schutter, Ron Hoffman, and Jim
Dillingham worked huge hours all week.  Also, thanks to Kathy and Doug Stacken,  and Ron Martinek for their help and Kathy’s great lunches.  Thanks for the donation of the use of trencher, seeder, and Jim’s skid steer.  Now for the bad news – we had to pull the pump three times, no luck in fixing them, so they went to the shop.  So no water!  Thanks to some friends who hauled in some water to spray the sod!  (Just as a reminder, the course was built and is still maintained by volunteers!)

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